True School Hip-Hop '08 (3rd quarter check-in)

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what 2008 hip-hop albums would you recommend to me, if I'm feelin'...b,121b,121b,121Supastition - Leave Of Absence EP/b1b,121img src=""1b,121b,121some solid tracks here, especially "Bad Blood". looking forward to his next releaseb,121b,121b,121Raashan Ahmad - The Push/b1b,121img src=""1b,121b,121I haven't listened to much Crown City Rockers, but there are some great tunes on here like "Peace", "Here We Go" and "Cool Down"b,121b,121b,121Jazz Addixx - The Intermission/b1b,121img src=""1b,121b,121just beats and scratches, but this helps hold me over til the next album. "This Is It" is my fave here.b,121b,121b,121J-Live - Then What Happened?/b1b,121img src=""1b,121b,121decent effort from one of my favorite MC's. "The Upgrade" b/w "The Understanding" is a single from this and those are 2 of the strongest tracks IMO.b,121b,121b,121Common Market - Black Patch War/b1b,121img src=""1b,121b,121very solid EP from this group. I really like the production on this and hope they can continue this quality on their next release.b,121b,121b,121Atmosphere - When Life Gives You Lemons, Paint That Shit Gold/b1b,121img src=""1b,121b,121Atmosphere has often gotten too img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/emorap.gif" alt="" 21 for me, but the production is very strong and I think Slug's rhymes really hit their stride here. "Yesterday" might be my favorite song of '08.b,121b,121b,121honorable mention:b,121Large Pro - Main Source/b1b,121mainly for "Hardcore Hip-Hop"b,121img src=""1b,121b,121some real duds on this though b,121b,121b,121ON DECK:b,121PUTS - Fun-DMC, Jake One - White Van Music, Lil Dap - I.A.Dap, G-Frequency - Let's Begin... and to my own chagrin: PPT - Denglishb,121b,121to review:b,121 a href=""1target="_blank"1dork-hop 1st quarter check-in


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