Vinyl Banners - no joke

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Firt off, this isn't a vinyl joke.Anyone know a good place in NY to get vinyl banners printed up? 4x6, 4 colors, about 625 needed. Looking to spend $40 each at the most - not a , but I do need quality ones (more important that they look good and not last long rather than vice versa if I really need to make that distinction).Thanks.


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    There are several spots on Delancey btwn the Bowery and Essex. Just walk down, hit 'em all, and get quotes. Once you get to the end, go back to the more pricey ones and tell them that the dude down the street will do it for "___", etc until you get to the price you want.

    One of them did my awning, and while the awning itself is OK (cheap paint, grrrr) they didn't do the best installation job.

  • I know there are a bunch in Tribeca on Varick street as well. Paint is important to me, installation (and, to some extent, wear/shredding overtime) isn't a concern here. Any other suggestions?


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    good luck with getting them for $40 each, I just did 11 banners, most 8 feet by 4 feet and they cost ??125 ($212) each, they are printed 4 colour banners and look/feel great. I used to hand paint my banners which took loads of time and were'nt that much cheaper when you took canvas and paint into the cost.
    Maybe as you need 625 you will get a good price. Also, that's un unreal ammount of banners, what on earth is it for?

  • Yeah, I'm hoping the volume will bring the cost down. I need to get 6 or so banners made for every venue the band I work for is playing across the globe.


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    I'm curious, what band is down to drop 25k on banners?

  • djdazedjdaze 3,099 Posts
    nuff said
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