What's the Weirdest / Best Thing U Got off CL??

JustAliceJustAlice 1,308 Posts
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I don't often go after free stuff on craigslist unless I really need it. Lately Ive been looking for dirt and a fridge, which seem to be in abundance.Anyways, I am growing my first garden this year and have been going nuts on my back yard. I saw this late last night in the Free section of CL and thought it was too freakin' cool. I emailed the dude right away knowing he would have 100's of emails this morning. I was the first person on his list and lived within a mile. I didn't even remember until my phone rang 10 minutes after I woke up. So here it is, My very own Carni-Ride soon to be Gigantic Planter, complete with leaf canopy and lights! Now resting comfortably in my back yard. It is not as heavy as it looks but it is a lot bigger than it appears in the photo. I'm very excited, Void thinks I am nuts but he didn't even hesitate or try to talk me out of it when he saw how excited I was, of course he came and helped me load it in and out of my truck too. What a guy!


  • JustAliceJustAlice 1,308 Posts
    Void thought we ought to do some green screen filming with it.

    I think I am just going to set potted plants on the seats and maybe some
    small vine like plants in pots on the top. That way I can break it down and
    cover it during the winter.

    The dude has the transformer to hook the lights up and is supposed to email me when he digs it out. It would be great if I can get it to work and would be cool for a summer backyard party.

    It might make a cool soap box racer as well. It is on wheels.

  • SyminSymin 999 Posts
    I traded a 6 pack of beer for some bike pedals.
    I got a micromoog for cheap from a crazy german scientist that produces soul music.
    I gots tons of macaroni upcs for mac points or something like that.

    thats all i can think of for now.

  • grandpa_shiggrandpa_shig 5,799 Posts
    we've been trying to get rid of this thing on craigslist but no luck. so i figured id try it here? FREE but u gotta come get it

    and as a bonus it has been "autographed" by 1000 aspiring taggers.

  • Controller_7Controller_7 4,052 Posts
    Hmm, nobody wants a graffiti ridden rickshaw? Weird.
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