Tonight I DJed The Male Review

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It was like the Slingshot cover in here tonight.Yikes!


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    wow, years ago id go to this bar in town AFTER theyd done their male revue night. The women would literally drag you to the dancefloor and start grinding w/o any conversation. male revues do have their place in this world, and that place is getting drunk girls worked up for the straight guys..imma nice guy, w/ wife and kids but i gotta say that male revues make girls whore out like i have NEVER personally witnessed in this samll town.

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    absolutely. but girls are usually shitty tippers(unless they work in the service ind). and male strippers are even worse at tipping out.
    what a fuckin shit show!!

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    wow....time to walk away...

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    did u play "macho man"?

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    someone, please go onto youtube and post the "Life At the Outpost" video by the Skatt Bros since i can't youtube at work. i think that video has just found a thread to call home...

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  • jaymackjaymack 5,199 Posts
    did u play "macho man"?

    nah, they brough their own cds with their own little set mixes.

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