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i was out in the pacific northwest for a stint. saw some strut army out that way. Mr. jeigh welcomed me to portland. "There Will be Blood..." Strange bacon donuts. Some girl asked me to play peter piper. Twoply made an appearence which i hear are raer these days. drove up to vancouver the next day. caught in a post pile up traffic lot for 2 hours just short of seattle and missed my instore at beatstreet. played with Sctratch Bastid at Shine where people cheered for brooklyn but wouldnt cheer for vancity:( ..STAND UP Candadanians!drove through the border the next day only to experience the BIGGEST PRICKS IN THE WORLD. the border patrol, straight had me in shackles, went through my phone, dismantled my rental and found NAADA!!! any doubt that we inhabit a police state needs to be abolished. Seattle was a nice change of pace from the border. I had to "Fly Like the Wind" to Bush Gardens karaoke to have Big Chan back me up on the Michael Mcdonald parts. Jake Weezy sang baritone cranberry. Kenny holds it down like gravity on the woodwind. Johnny Guitar Watson is Karaoke Raer. Whare's Danny??All in all... that trip had me sweet on the pacific northwest. yall do it mega!! Even when I got lost and had to walk through the berkenstock district.Where are the pictures, channington? the retros dint leave footprints. my passport is done for the night.


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    "It's gotta be the shoes."

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    It was good to see you again briefly. My girl enjoyed seeing you DJ, as she's a fan of your Psycrunk and Rajaz Meter mixes. Hopefully next time through we'll have more time to hang out.

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    Nice to see you made it to the new Central Library, that building is the definition
    of NEXT LEVEL.
    I hope you didn't yell into the mic during karaoke at Bush Gardens, that shit
    will get you 86'ed with a quickness.
    Homeboy rules his karaoke gig like a little special needs Stalin!
    Is he dancing with a mop handle in that pic? WTF?

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    drove through the border the next day only to experience the BIGGEST PRICKS IN THE WORLD. the border patrol, straight had me in shackles, went through my phone

    The US/Canada border is always bad. What did they do to your phone? Were they checking photos or trying to call your numbers? strange...

  • no bread pudding...BOOOOOO!

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    no bread pudding...BOOOOOO!

    The bread pudding at Rubbish's store is not be fucked with.

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    no bread pudding...BOOOOOO!
    I mananged to find the Grand Central in Seattle. Bread Pudding two days in a row!! It isnt a game over here, Jeigh.

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    Damn last Sunday night was fun! Had a great Vietnamese dinner at The Green Leaf Restaurant and then off to the bar at Bush Garden. Bush garden is this old school Japanese restaurant and bar that I have been going to since the 80s. The bar serves cheap strong drinks and has karaoke nightly. The karaoke is always complete entertainment as all kinds of OGs and regular characters belt out old soul classics like the Chi-Lites, Bill Withers, George Benson, etc. Bush Garden even has Johhny Guitar Watson's "Ain't That A Bitch" karaoke version!!!! Delay, Heather, Duece Dubb and myself hit the bar and got tore up. The hommie Jake Weezey rolled through for a few rounds on the way to a studio session. Delay did Soulstrut proud by singing Christopher Cross's "Ride Like the Wind" and Black Sabbath songs in the same night. The karaoke host Kenny was singing George Benson's "This Masquerade" when we walked in and next he sang Bill Withers "Ain't No Sunshine." The other dude that hosts the karaoke is a huge L.A. and Babyface fan and was sininging joints by Johnny Gill, Bobby Brown, etc. The OGs were singing joints by Ray Charles. The whole night was comedy. Late in the night homeboy sang "The Bird" by The Time and everyone was up out of their seats yelling "BWAK!" and flapping their arms doing the bird dance. Rick James "Mary Jane" had the whole place sining along and fools were yelling "Fuck yo couch!" Some random dude got on stage during "Mary Jane," grabbed a mic and started beat boxing. He then started running through hyphy dances! LOL. The host Kenny has this big wooden stick that he holds up and plays like a trombone on songs with horn sections and he also throughs it around like a James Brown mic stand. Shig, if you make it up here to Seattle we are mos def taking you to Bush Garden.
    It was good to have that foll Delay back in town.

    Jake Weezey, BC and Delay

    Delay live on stage

    Heather on the mic

    BC and Duece Dubb drinking up ALL the Jameson!

    Kenny and one of the hommies

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