highly annoying ebay thing

mrfinewinemrfinewine 157 Posts
edited November 2007 in Strut Central
hadn't sold in a while, so never noticed this till now: the browse-by-price function has changed, and my items (seller i.d.: soulbaby) don't show up on it because i failed to put in a set postage fee (my postage fee varies depending on location). it's now browse-by-price-plus-postage, so if there's no postage fee, the items don't seem to register AT ALL in the browse! what a rip-off!!! i'm furious.


  • from another perspective: if you're relying on the browse function to troll whatever category for high-end (or low-end) items, you're missing out on untold numbers of them if their sellers didn't include a set postage fee.
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