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..into beat making.. per the "what you do for a living thread".. I am a music supervisor... due to bugetary issues, I have been forced into it.. I started on Garage band... but have moved passed that.. The wierd thing is.. i am nervous because Garage Band was such an easy format.... What do people suggest i go with for making beats aswell as little melodies.REASONABLETONor LOGIChelp?


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    if youre a beginner, try out fruity loops. very straight-forward and easy to figure out. plus you can try it free (and then crack it later)

  • Im guessing your using a mac based on the program choices you have there. Reason is a great program and its what I learned how to make beats on. I really liked recyle along with it for chopping.

  • That's a bizzare situation your balls have been thrust into there... most people would kill to get the chance.

    I'm gonna go with Logic - the new version is out, it does everything and you're not gonna have to learn anything else. If you wanna do any recording you can pretty much forget about Reason, so you're best to start off with something you can stick with. I'm a devoted cubase user, but even I'm tempted by some of the things logic can do (simple sidechaining for one thing).

    Good luck.

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    Get Live 6 right now, so that you can Live 7 for free.
    Live 7 looks really

  • What the fuck!!! one vote for each...

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    What the fuck!!! one vote for each...
    Listen to me.

  • What the fuck!!! one vote for each...
    Listen to me.

    well you do have the most posts...
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