New Dungen-related release

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This album has been getting excellent reviews (4s and 5s) all over the place. Same producer as Dungen and the music is played by Dungen.Anna J??rvinen - Jag fick Feeling (H??pna Records)


  • excellent --- dungen get a massive high five in these parts. i shall check this out. nice one.

  • SPlDEYSPlDEY Vegas 3,362 Posts
    Dungen needs another album like this one:

    - spidey

  • BurnsBurns 2,227 Posts
    Sounds like Swedish Olivia Newton John, I like Dungen, but I'm not likin' this much, was wishin' too.

  • m_dejeanm_dejean Quadratisch. Praktisch. Gut. 2,946 Posts
    Sounds like Swedish Olivia Newton John

    First I didn't understand what you meant by that, as the first two tracks just sounded like your average swedish singer/songwriter business, but then "Svensktalande b??ttre folk" came on and I got it. Spot-on description.

    I dunno about this J??rvinen stuff. Seems like I've heard it many times before. Didn't really grab me.
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