Kiruna Music Video-Norway jazz meets Iran lepers

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[ /html ]This video aint going to see no commercial release but it deserves to get more viewers. Directed by my friend Ketil Karlsen who found photage from a leper colony in Iran in the 60s and made this amazing videoTrack is from Norwegian jazz/psychedelica band Kiruna last LP Tarasaruscheck out or myspace/kirunamusic for more


  • not to be causing trouble...but I have always wondered what makes music like this "Jazz"...lots of electronic stuff around labeled as "Jazz"...I thought Jazz was improvised and swings...this has neither quality

  • well jazz you can define many ways........................ but the track is improvised in the studio, it is just a part of a 30 minute session they recorded to disc, the rest of their stuff is maybe more down the typical jazz lane check out the retaw seibab on their page
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