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  • This movie is WILD SONS!

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    (damn, that needs to be some kinda graemlin, no??)

  • This movie is WILD SONS!

    It's been over a decade since i saw it.

    Was out digging the other day and came across the OST

    but didn't grab it. Was that a mistake??

    I just couldn't remember what the music for the film was like.

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    This movie definitely blew my mind when I was 13 years old.

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    Was it Tim Robbins or William Hurt in the lead? Reminded me a bit of JACOBS LADDER, another good one, and they played James Brown's Hell at the beginning...

    William Hurt - perfect piece of casting IMO as well, the man has always had a strangeness about him which this movie clicked right into. I miss the days of interesting Ken Russell films .
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