Who likes Jazz music?

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This record is one of the most perfect Jazz Records I've ever heard. Thank you Orgy in Rhythm guy.


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    I like jazz music. Welcome back, Eli.

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    have you heard this? I was always a little ehh on the Harold Land/Bobby Hutcherson stuff through the years. But this joint is just off the chain. It sparkles. It's everything I dig about jazz. Post-sex omelette making music.

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    No I haven't. What's the story?

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    No I haven't. What's the story?

    It's that late 1960s right before everyone goes electric vibe. It's straight ahead, hard bop. So you have to be in that jazz mode to appreciate the intracacies, but everyone is playing off eachother and they get to several points where all the distinct parts flow together even in improvisation. It's a little like that Charles Lloyd record, Forest Flower. Harold Land blows out of his mind and Bobby Hutcherson's vibes sound perfect underneath him. But it's not too vibrphone oriented, you know what i am saying. And on "stylin" Land breaks out ths flute, it's sick. Peace maker has a trane feel to it. What really makes the whole record is how closely everyone plays off eachother, it's like listening to democracy.

    Anyway, Orgy in Rhythm has it free. http://orgyinrhythm.blogspot.com/2007/06/harold-land-quintet-peace-maker.html

    PS: I still play Love Break 1 and 2. Stellar mix for those special alone time moments. What's up with you?

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    I'm great. Working hard and at the same time actually getting to enjoy a lot of time off this summer, really getting into married life. Other than that, same old same old, especially around here. Glad you still dig the Love Breaks. You should check for my new "summer" mix part 2 coming this week. You can still get part i here.

    By the way, I LOVE seeing you say this:

    it's like listening to democracy.

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  • yes

    hi eli

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    Welcome back.

    Are you married now? Living in DC? Who writting for, what are you covering?
    Have you seen my blog? http://iraqnamesproject.wordpress.com/

    Oh yeah, jazz, it's ok I like it pretty good.

    Current favorite Lester Bowie's version of I Only Have Eyes For You.

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    Lots of jazz, all the time, from the cool to the completely out there. "Dentist wives jazz", not so much.
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