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So i'm drivin home on I-95 just now (the longest highway in the us of good ol' a). I am blitzed out of my mind from toastin a ooh-wop with my homie for his b'day. It was just starting to set in on me while driving home when I dazed off into some clouds in the sky. Suddenly i've got the urge to bump some special raer now that i'm home and the weekend is here. I have not played this one in a while plus this tree i puffed made me wanna zone out and it's a great lp for that.Here's the pic i just took, Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketHere's the raerPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThis lp is some amazing jazz fusion from start to finish, i only wish it was longer playing at something like 45 mins it's over before it's even started.and this is a ooh-wop Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


  • It is a fucking good album! How much did you pay for it?

  • Well, I traded a seriously MINT copy of leos sunshipp and decent copies of the dewolfe black pearl library & themes american powerhouse. It was a friendly deal and was happy to part with them among friends knowing i'd prob never scoup this one in the field.

    Who else here owns it?? and how'd you aquire it?

  • I only have a mp3 rip probably never gonna find the lp.

  • keep the faith, i feel the same way about lps like trevor dandy, i'll never find that bullshit, it's not even all that great, but damn the cover is hot. I'm on plenty of waiting lists also for that stinkin lp!! I already know it aint gonna happen not even with all the good karma in the world. Peeps like dj cash money get first dibbs when anyone important finds em, pretty sure he got baghatvinyls last one.

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    i had this record.
    i thought is was
    but clouds are dope.

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    is smoking an ooh-wop essentially the same as smoking asparagus?

  • lol now that you mention it sure as hell looks like that.. damn son at least this don't make your piss turn greenish yellow.

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    and this is a oo-wop

  • and this is a oo-wop

    So I comes back home, nobody's helpin shorty doo-wop Rollin two phillies together in the Bridge we called 'em oowops

    He said, "Nas, *****z could be bustin' off the roof
    so I wear a bullet proof and pack a black tres-deuce"
    He inhaled so deep, shut his eyes like he was sleep
    Started coughing when I peeked to watch me speak
    I sat back like the mack, my army suit was black
    We was chillin' on these benches where he pumped his loose cracks
    I took an l when he passed it, this little bastard
    keeps me blasted he starts talkin mad shit

    daaaamn i just have to spin this one on wax... right now!
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