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so as many of you know i live in a meth ridden hood... i live on the (white) side of town currently & think this has some shit to do w/ why nothing is being done...the west side is latino & the cops bust em left & right, my side however is full of fuckin tweekers that seem to have hall passes... ive lived in this spot for 2yrs & my neighbor has been sellin hardcore the entie time, people commin & goin all night, bringing stolen tools for trades etc etc... so 2months ago some hippy kids down the block got rolled for selling weed, it was a big deal, but apparently the meth sales are not... the hippy were also white so my theory is shot, but fuck, mb the 5'o's takin payoffs i dunno...we have been noticing strong smells of sulfer/amonia type shit for awhile now, the other day i find out back a gallon of muriatic acid & some bottles of lye, so its obvious dudes now stepped up into the chef game...question is why the fuck does nobody do shit bout it? the dude cross the street calls the pigs weekly, nothing, sometimes they dont even respond to his calls, he went to a city council meeting w/ no avail either...what would you do if you had a lab in your backyard & the pigs didnt care?the obvious is move, which we are, but what about the future tenants & the dude next store w/ a new born baby, or the cat behind him w/ 6kids whos fence goes right up to back of the "lab", just say fuck it its their problem?or go vigilante on that ass?


  • meth has ate up america something terrible

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    I ain't one to drop dimes this heavy, but if the locals ain't doing shit, and you feel like it's a threat to you and your family, it may be time to go over people's heads:

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    I don't venture out into Walmartland very often but I STILL know of a bunch of (white) kids who threw their lives away before the age of 18 on this stuff.

    Hmmm, enlist or smoke base?? What's a suburban MTV kid gonna do these days?

    Shit is fucked up, and most of the states afflicted are spending all their law enforcement money on pointless homeland security bollocks. And since they are "Red" states, they don't believe in social programs.

  • i just watched some dude push his baby in carraige at his girl to hit her with it, then she starts throwing punches and choking him, then throws a bunch of trash and a glass bottle. I live in a pretty nice neighborhood but somehow my street is a nice little slice of the ghetto. i see spotters all day and loud ass groups of neighborhood kids at night. shit is crazy. this is the most ive ever paid for rend but i feel like im still in baltimore.

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    I would try to get something done about it. On day that place is going to burn up and it might take your place with it. Or some drug shoot out will have bullets comeing through your wall. I think it's pretty well know the white people are th eones proliferating most of the meth, so I'm not sure why that would slow down the cops. But if they are cooking you might just have to call the DEA. Wouldn't normally suggest that, but meth is just to dangerous to ignore.

    Most places that are cooked in have to be torn down cuz eventually it just saturates the whole house with chemicals and their is no way to get it out. Plus, it's highly flamable.

  • call the DEA already...

    Have them spend their time doing worthwile shit (like busting meth cooks), and keep them from busting up medicinal pot clubs, or whatever.

    why do people have reservations about calling the authorities in this situation?? - call them.

    ... and see if you can snap some pix of when it goes down. Then take that shit to your local paper, and sign up to support another mayoral candidate at the next election.

    do something

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    meth has ate up F. APPLE something terrible

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    I have no advice on how to handle this situation, but I do know that meth labs are time bombs waiting to blow, and I don't mean that in a metaphorical way. A meth lab can blow up big!

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    let's be honest, pot is so much worse than meth.

    yeah, i say call the dea if the cops aint doing nothing. dont forget to tell the dea youve told the cops a few times and they didnt do shit.

    man, i knew this old dude in SF that was an on again/off again poobutt. he came back from a stint in england and was telling me the meth there sucked and he whips out this pen knife that he used to snort meth off of. the tip of the knife was all eroded and shit and the dude was like "see? the meth ate away at my knife" and i was like "what do you think it's doing to your nose?" and he kinda looked at me for a minute and was like "hmmm"

    meth is a big problem with us Orientals too.

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    I won't front. There were some people that were really, really close me that got hooked on it. The shit that happened to them makes me cry when I think about it. I'm from Concord Cali. This town is notorious for that shit. I could go into detail but won't. I don't want to dredge up bad memories.

    Bottomline, people that deal that shit deserve to be shot! No pity.

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    Here's a true story that is kind of funny. Me and some homies were hanging out at a bus stop. I was drinking coffee. This scrappy looking guy comes up and says-

    Guy- "You got any cigarettes?"

    Me- "No, I don't smoke."

    Guy- "You sure like that coffee though"

    Me- "yeah, I love coffee"

    Guy- "You know what's better than coffee?"

    Me- "What?"

    Guy- "Crystal meth".

    The guy is quiet for a minute and then blurts out-

    Guy- "You wanna buy any?"

    Me- "Nope"

    And then he scrams. Fuck people that call it "crystal" meth. That don't make it anymore sophisticated. This happened in Concord Cali BTW at the Concord BART station.

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    cristal meth?
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