Countdown to Utrecht

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so who is officially attending? who wants to hook up a little strut listening party after?getting into amsterdam tommorow with the lady: if any of y'all feel like smoking and wandering in the next couple of days hit me on the pm.


  • fejmelbafejmelba 1,139 Posts
    i say meet and greet at cafe gollem.
    raer dutch beers !!!

  • cafe gollem? i'll try to be there.

    post some pictures of you, so i can say hi...

    i won't go on to the arc on saturday. but i'll definitly be there on sunday...

    where will you guys be? what will you be wearing? any kind of special bags or hats? sunglasses? t-shirts? raer sneakers?

    i look like a regular guy. you would never guess it was me.

  • fejmelbafejmelba 1,139 Posts
    i wear a fejmelba shirt
    gollem is small so yall find each other
    no cut and paste at this pc. sorry

  • i wear a fejmelba shirt

    fo' reel? you're just kiddin', right?

  • fejmelbafejmelba 1,139 Posts

  • i say meet and greet at cafe gollem.
    raer dutch beers !!!

    I just tried to find out where it is... the only one i could find was a cafe in amsterdam. please tell us how to get there from utrecht. we're staying in utrecht. and we have no idea how to get to amsterdam...

    thanks melba. see you there.

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    take any train to amsterdam cs.
    take tram 1,2 or 5. stop at station spui ( about 7 min).
    walk back to the second corner ( gastronomic notalgia shop ) and turn left
    cross the spuistraat its in this street halfway on the right hand side.


  • ScopeCGNScopeCGN 163 Posts
    Disco Diamant will be there!

    We try to catch all the madness on film this time for our forthcoming documentary "For The Breaks"...

    I think Im gonna wear my "Soul Strut" green collage Tee to show where I belong :-)

    See you tomorrow on Saturday!!!



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