HATS & Rappers, Singers - Who Wore it Best?

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Dude some many Rappers and Singers rock hats but who stood out and Rocked it best?I say for Rappers LL and Kangol Kid and for funny hats JUST ICE and that UK Dude Jamariq... (how ever you spell his name)...As for Singers shoot:Curtis, Stevie rocked them nice but who always rocked a hat fresh and was known for it??? To bad Samuel L Jackson didn't sing.... Makes me wonder, hmmm?


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  • EPMD rocked fishermen hats the best.

  • jamesjames chicago 1,863 Posts
    This reminds me of a persistent point of debate within the Chicago record community:

    In the post-Billy Jack era, who has done more to further the cause of the bandito hat:

    a) Ecstacy from Whodini


    b) Stevie Ray Vaughn?

    (And no write-in bullshit for Paul Mooney or your man O-Zone, as they both turned their back on the bolo lid and sold out big time, the former perpetrating with the doo-doo-dumb doo-rag, and the latter perpetrating with Lucinda Dickey [Who my girl Sara knows, by the way--not that I'm bragging or anything, but, you know, it is what it is...and no, I can't put you on. You need to boogaloo, shrimp.].)


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    Definitely Stevie Ray. I think Ecstacy always looked a bit, how do you say, suspect in that hat, and I mean that in a way that the original bandits almost certainly did not intend.

  • ZeusZeus 162 Posts
    ... who stood out and Rocked it best?

    As for Singers:

    Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole

  • batmonbatmon 27,574 Posts

    Flavor Flav - Top Hats/King&Jester Hats/ETC.....

    Chuck D - Crisp Baseball Hats.....Specifically the Classic Pittsburg Pirates yellow on black joint.

  • Marvin gaye, red hat on cover of let's get it on...

    A very good friend actually has a story about this hat...
    Her mother was a jeweler in Tennessee. Marvin came to town, and asked her to bring some of her silver and turquoise for him to look at. Thrilled, she puts together a case of her best stuff. Goes to his hotel room, and he asks her to take a look. She opens the case.

    "I'll take it all, sweetie." Pays her huge money, and throws in the red hat.

    She lost it when she had to flee from the feds a couple years later.
    As far as I know, this is all true; she has no reason to lie, and this girl is connected in ways on high that make this story seem totally true.

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    She lost it when she had to flee from the feds a couple years later.

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  • She lost it when she had to flee from the feds a couple years later.

    I KNOW that part is true.
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