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I had my best night as a DJ this Saturday. Never before have I experienced break dance battles during my DJ-ing, but this night there was an hip hop concert at another floor earlier in the day, and most people came to my floor afterwards. I usually play a lot of punk, no wave, girlish post-punk and electronics, but also have a lot of hip hop and funk in my collection, as I some how felt I had to play this night - with success. Now I want to explore more b-boy music from the 70s and 80s, and thought you guys might help. I love curiosities, strange and funky tunes, and everything innovative. Artist, labels, good sources (websites), etc. I love a good research, especially when it comes to music, so with a few leads to start out with would be great. So, the little dude question is: What's your favorite dance music from the early hip hop era?


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