anybody dealt with this guy? (french ebay related)

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ebay name: chapoultepekHad a nice line on a george gruntz LP but it never showed. He's got some fresh negatives so I'm wondering if anybody else is in the same boat. It looks like a certain music lover in CA (cough) got his records just fine tho. Luckily I got my money back through paypal (first time that's ever happened)! Still want the record tho..


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    ebay name: chapoultepek

    Mmm... I think I remember this name, lemme see.

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    He came through on the Juan Carlos C??ceres LP I bought off him last month. It arrived in about two weeks--condition was straight.

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    Theseaker (for those who know her) and Marcofunk dealt with him...

  • Hmm, thanks for the replies! Maybe he's just had a bad month or two.

  • Got 3 or 4 recs in the past, no probs there... but i m located in europe...peace G

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    Nice record!

  • Nice record!

    Yeah unfortunately I'd rather have the record than the cash. Oh vell, it's not like it's that tough to find.
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