CNN reports: RIP James Brown



  • Rest In Power!!I just got home from a party where I saw the news..Now i'm @ home listening to his records..I'm truly sad.I just saw him in Santa Fe last summer and he was doin his thing!!He truly loved music and it showed in his recordings and shows..The world just lost a truly unique and important person..God bless the dead

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    I now regret not seeing him in concert when he came up to Canada.


    can every one stop saying shit like "oh shit, i'm glad i saw him" or "man, i wished i saw him"

    shit is mad shallow.

    look, you saw him live or you didn't, it should go withoout saying if you are on soulstrut, JB has touched you down to the bottom of your heart.

    dude was a revolutionary genius. end of story. he had mad magic in his figertips. like fred wesley said, dude could not REALLY play any instrument, yet you give him a guitar and you;d go, damn dude can play guitar.

    anyone who claims to have affection whatsoever for funky music should bow 5X a day and pray towards Augusta GA. you chart his career and from the late 50's to the mid 70's, he WAS the game. basically 15 years on top. the reigning champ. and 10 solid years of being THE MAN.

    when MLK was shot, the only reason boston did not have riots (and was the only major american city not to have them) was because JB played there and the show was broadcast for free on public TV and he told people to stay home, chill out, and watch him. i can't think of another music figure in the last 50 years with that kind of socio-political power.

    ok, i am drunk and am going to listen to "The BElls" and cry with J.B.

    RIP. the true master of 20th century american music

  • R.I.P - 'JB'.

  • I just got home from my family Christmas, I made them listen to James Browns "Soulful Christmas" all day ( I do this every year).......

    Then I got the news.......

    This is a really sad day.

    Thanks JB - you were the ONE!!

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    Thank you Mr. Brown.

    You changed my life.

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    A true legend has left the building. He just played here in CPH about 2 months ago, hard-working to the end. Didn't expect him to go just yet, but the man led a full life and left so much amazing music for us to enjoy. One of my first and biggest influences. J.B. is G.O.A.T.

    R.I.P. Godfather.

  • Damn. RIP To the godfather. There'll never be another like him.

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    james brown, rest in peace.

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  • RIP JB

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    :( RIP JB
    we will never forget when he died: Christmas Day, 2006

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    R.I.P. godfather

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    it's sad to hear his legacy underestimated, this guy invented music as we know it.

  • Ouch.

  • CraigCraig 269 Posts
    OUCH!not a good strart to james brown a true legend....

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    cant belive it...

    Prayers to his family

    may the king rest in peace

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    Rest in peace to the BADDEST MOTHERFUCKER[/b] to ever put it down.

    (And I mean that with the utmost respect)

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    There's been a lot of great musicians, but there's only a handful that have truly changed the course of music. Mr. Brown was one of those few. RIP and much respect.

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    sad news.

  • Sad day...... good bye godfather of soul

  • fuck. you will be missed. thank you JB.

  • I can??t believe it...

    RIP JB!

    - j

  • R.I.P. James Brown.

    The man shaped a nation and generations of music to come. Truly a sad day.

  • RIP JB.

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    RIP JB.

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    The first thing I saw this morning on tv was this sad news.

    Thank you so much JB for your fabulous music and for making us feel good.

    RIP, the Greatest of All Time.

    Peace & Respect.

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    R.I.P. James and thank you for your music...

  • R.I.P. James and thank you for your music...

    Worst christmas morning ever.

    God Bless you James Brown. You will be missed.
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