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Yeah, so I started a little website where I take photos of Australina records I like and write reviews of them. It's my way of highlighting soem lesser-known dope Aussie records and also paying tribute some better-known ones. It's also a secret way of engaging in trades (hint hint). Throw a shrimp on the barbie and get on down


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    nice site...

    however, Bruce Highway has had that Finders Keepers shit for a lot longer than you did (check the forums).


  • lucerolucero 425 Posts
    niceness indeed - Clear light of Jupiter has a dope logo, a friend of mine screenprinted it onto a T shirt for for me

    re EMS, turned up a copy of 'One day at a time' yet !?

  • KineticKinetic 3,738 Posts
    Hahha Lucero, nah. That shit still elludes me to this day. Perhaps I should amend that review about hardest to find EMS title. You got the James Bond one on EMS? Spy jazz for days. I'll do it in my next site update.

    And thanks for the props.

  • Nice work! good to see this stuff still getting documented even after tasman connection closed down.

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    I'll be adding more sono so stay tuned.
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