Black Sabbath



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    VOL. 4

    1. Wheels Of Confusion/The Straightener
    2. Tomorrow`s Dream
    3. Changes
    4. FX
    5. Supernaut
    6. Snowblind
    7. Cornucopia
    8. Laguna Sunrise
    9. St. Vitus' Dance
    10. Under The Sun/Everyday Comes & Goes

    how can you go wrong with an ozzy ballad "changes"?
    has to be the most psychedelia sabbath album released

  • most slept-on Sabbath album?

    OK I'm just kidding.

    if you are fan of heavy metal and guitar playing this is the most slept on LP. A lot of folks poo poo it because it isnt Ozzy...I for one could give a fuck about Ozzy, I mean he is alright, but he isnt the reason the band is amazing, you know? I love "Mob Rules" because Tony absolutely kills it...his best guitar solos are on this LP...remember, this was released after Eddie Van Halen changed the game and fucked everything up for the so-called guitar gods...guitar players realized they had to step their game up big time...thats what Tony did.."Mob Rules" is a top shelf Heavy Metal LP.

    My favorite Sabbath tune of the last five or six years(been listening to Sabbath for over 20 years) is "Sabra Cadabra"...listen to that tune at top volume, driving down the highway, perhaps some reefer in the bloodstream and you will see what I mean. That song sounds like what those two dudes in Heavy Metal Parking Lot look like, you know, those dudes that are shirtless with the bandana headbands on that respond with "Your Mother" when they are asked who they are there to shelf dirtbag rock n roll. I love it.

    But S/T Vs. Paranoid? Even though I could go the rest of my life withour hearing the song "Paranoid", I will pick "Paranoid"...although the S/T(I didnt hear it until after "Paranoid") blew my mind when I heard it.

  • I must admit to not hearing Mob Rules in some time. It was actually the 1st CD I ever owned, and was probably too young to formulate, and I was an Ozzy fan. I will give it another taste.

    But anyway, I just got a spare Moloch LP fer $12 today.

  • Mob Rules, for me, is missing Bill Ward even more than Ozzy.

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    Playing blackjack and reading porno mags whist drinking stolen parental booze + Sabbath =

    "He... was... turned to steel"
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