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More soulseek convos with my favorite frenchie... PT. 2(13:29) [sciaphite] hello man[SoulmanWOB] HELLO[SoulmanWOB] how are you?(13:30) [sciaphite] it's alright(13:30) [sciaphite] good[SoulmanWOB] cool(13:30) [sciaphite] i see our interview on a soul site(13:31) [sciaphite] what this site ?[SoulmanWOB] really?(13:31) [sciaphite] soul struts i believe ?[SoulmanWOB] soul struts(13:31) [sciaphite] it's a great site ?[SoulmanWOB] that's it!(13:31) [sciaphite] yes really[SoulmanWOB] no it's not so good[SoulmanWOB] it sucks[SoulmanWOB] i still go there sometimes though[SoulmanWOB] sometimes its okay(13:32) [sciaphite] yes the title was a true conversation (13:32) [sciaphite] ...[SoulmanWOB] how did you find it?(13:33) [sciaphite] google :soul funk:soulstrut:forum[SoulmanWOB] why did you look for it?[SoulmanWOB] somebody told you about it?(13:34) [sciaphite] but it's your blaze was mention>[SoulmanWOB] blaze???(13:34) [sciaphite] soulmanwob of phylli(13:34) [sciaphite] philly[SoulmanWOB] yeah[SoulmanWOB] i like soulseek better[SoulmanWOB] very good music here[SoulmanWOB] FREE!(13:56) [sciaphite] you have a beat what make ?(14:03) [sciaphite] yea man not have a tracks of you [SoulmanWOB] my tracks are great[SoulmanWOB] im pretty good[SoulmanWOB] do a search for soulman[SoulmanWOB] i make break mixtape cds[SoulmanWOB] you know of random rap?[SoulmanWOB] i am one of the great ones[SoulmanWOB] sorry i dont mean to brag[SoulmanWOB] but it is true(14:41) [sciaphite] you don't have a tracks of you ,ok(14:42) [sciaphite] but i don't know it's true i believe what i hear lololol(14:43) [sciaphite] you say what your tracks are killa but you are a big head (14:44) [sciaphite] you are again online ?(14:48) [sciaphite] ,,,,,,,,,,,,(14:48) [sciaphite] ,,,,,,,,,??????????????????????,(14:48) [sciaphite] you sample or compose(14:48) [sciaphite] i prefer the samplez (14:48) [sciaphite] and you(14:48) [sciaphite] ?[SoulmanWOB] i ONLY SAMPLE!!!![SoulmanWOB] i am a king of sampling[SoulmanWOB] no keyboard[SoulmanWOB] THAT REAL SCHITT ONLY[SoulmanWOB] raw breakbeat funk loops[SoulmanWOB] so soulful[SoulmanWOB] i am also PHILL MOST CHILL![SoulmanWOB] legendary random raps[SoulmanWOB] only very few know[SoulmanWOB] but the ones who know are the REAL HEADZ only[SoulmanWOB] sorry but yes i am a big head[SoulmanWOB] you will get a tracks of me soon if you want[SoulmanWOB] ITS ALL TRUE[SoulmanWOB] i selled racords to many great hip hop produceurs[SoulmanWOB] they made hits from my genius[SoulmanWOB] yet i am unheralded[SoulmanWOB] i am bitter[SoulmanWOB] check it out at[SoulmanWOB] the other great produceurs are very rich now[SoulmanWOB] me?[SoulmanWOB] i dont have their money[SoulmanWOB] but i do have fat drumbreaks[SoulmanWOB] do you like drumbreaks?[SoulmanWOB] holla...PT. 3(7:09) [sciaphite] i am online now and you[SoulmanWOB] YES I AM ONLINE[SoulmanWOB] are you away?[SoulmanWOB] i am here[SoulmanWOB] you must come back now before i go again(11:35) [sciaphite] i am online (11:36) [sciaphite] you are a tracks of your mixtape(11:36) [sciaphite] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,??????????[SoulmanWOB] I AM SOULMAN[SoulmanWOB] download from me if you want hear mixtape(11:53) [sciaphite] it's alright(11:53) [sciaphite] man[SoulmanWOB] i send it to you if i can(11:53) [sciaphite] what the name of download[SoulmanWOB] look for soulman cds folder(11:54) [sciaphite] ok it's good (11:54) [sciaphite] it's your beat on this record?[SoulmanWOB] go to folder in there called soulman - drugs[SoulmanWOB] its mixtape[SoulmanWOB] i play ORIGINALS![SoulmanWOB] old records [SoulmanWOB] beats[SoulmanWOB] breaks[SoulmanWOB] samples(11:55) [sciaphite] it's reallyt you productions[SoulmanWOB] i mixed records[SoulmanWOB] you want to hear my old school tracks i made?(11:56) [sciaphite] yes no problem[SoulmanWOB] i will try send you my beats(11:59) [sciaphite] how?[SoulmanWOB] upload failed(12:01) [sciaphite] why?[SoulmanWOB] you can retry download yourself[SoulmanWOB] you see files i tried to send?(12:03) [sciaphite] no i don"'t see[SoulmanWOB] it is trying to download(12:03) [sciaphite] yes(12:03) [sciaphite] it's good now[SoulmanWOB] you now see?(12:03) [sciaphite] what thetittle exactly(12:03) [sciaphite] soulman -drug(12:03) [sciaphite] ?[SoulmanWOB] YES THAT IT(12:05) [sciaphite] drug addiction, the catalog(12:05) [sciaphite] etc(12:05) [sciaphite] ?[SoulmanWOB] YES[SoulmanWOB] it downloads now for you[SoulmanWOB] funky beats[SoulmanWOB] good loops(12:06) [sciaphite] and this other folder soulman tracks joints it's you(12:08) [sciaphite] this sample soule you utilize(12:15) [sciaphite] it's on the one tracks a loops exclusive where you great beat(12:21) [sciaphite] ,??????????????????(12:24) [sciaphite] you are not online(12:24) [sciaphite] man(12:24) [sciaphite] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,????????????[SoulmanWOB] I AM ONLINE[SoulmanWOB] i fell asleep!!![SoulmanWOB] HAHAHAHA[SoulmanWOB] i'm awake now then(12:31) [sciaphite] other folder named soulman it's you too[SoulmanWOB] yes i am soulman(12:34) [sciaphite] it's other beat(12:34) [sciaphite] it's great(12:34) [sciaphite] you are a label[SoulmanWOB] I AM A LABEL[SoulmanWOB] world of beats(12:36) [sciaphite] why i am all times you are solo artist ?[SoulmanWOB] i don't know this one(12:40) [sciaphite] you say I am other artist in world of beat?[SoulmanWOB] i have other artists on my label[SoulmanWOB] you have dial up connection[SoulmanWOB] you need high speed[SoulmanWOB] DSL[SoulmanWOB] you mad slow son[SoulmanWOB] its ok(15:13) [sciaphite] yea it's simply lops your are a really beat make by yours on a tracks(15:13) [sciaphite] but your lops are terrible ?(15:14) [sciaphite] i love the catalog (15:14) [sciaphite] it's you who scratch with mk II(15:24) [sciaphite] all original in vinyl!!!!!!!!!!(15:24) [sciaphite] you are all tracks in original[SoulmanWOB] why you say my lops are terrible????????????[SoulmanWOB] MY LOPS NOT TERRIBLE!!![SoulmanWOB] good lops for you man!!! plaese appreciate[SoulmanWOB] I PIONEEREED THIS[SoulmanWOB] i was THERE hahehahehahehehheheeh....[SoulmanWOB] i must put this converstation on the soul struts tonight[SoulmanWOB] you will see it there next time!!![SoulmanWOB] byethis will be my last soulseek convo posted here unless you crave more sciaphite...


  • Classic. I just added this dood to my list.

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    [SoulmanWOB] the other great produceurs are very rich now
    [SoulmanWOB] me?
    [SoulmanWOB] i dont have their money
    [SoulmanWOB] but i do have fat drumbreaks
    [SoulmanWOB] do you like drumbreaks?
    [SoulmanWOB] holla...

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    [SoulmanWOB] good lops for you man!!! plaese appreciate

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    ok wheres part1?! need more! :drool:

  • [SoulmanWOB] soul struts
    (13:31) [sciaphite] it's a great site ?
    [SoulmanWOB] that's it!
    (13:31) [sciaphite] yes really
    [SoulmanWOB] no it's not so good
    [SoulmanWOB] it sucks
    [SoulmanWOB] i still go there sometimes though
    [SoulmanWOB] sometimes its okay

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    (14:48) [sciaphite] i prefer the samplez


  • [SoulmanWOB] I AM ONLINE
    [SoulmanWOB] i fell asleep!!!
    [SoulmanWOB] HAHAHAHA
    [SoulmanWOB] i'm awake now then
    (12:31) [sciaphite] other folder named soulman it's you too
    [SoulmanWOB] yes i am soulman
    (12:34) [sciaphite] it's other beat
    (12:34) [sciaphite] it's great
    (12:34) [sciaphite] you are a label
    [SoulmanWOB] I AM A LABEL

    This is like the most innocent thing on the internet.

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  • Brilliant

    ------ Location Check

  • "They made hits from my genius, yet I am unheralded"


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    Some1 needs to link up part 1.

    Whats phills usernmae on soulseek too so i can leech his microwave raers??

  • Some1 needs to link up part 1.

    Part 1

  • Okayyyyy.... here is the FINAL soulseek conversation. For more sciaphite holla at him on the 'Seek. He likes to conversate!

    PT. 4

    (sent while offline) [sciaphite] your sample utilize is a good soul
    [SoulmanWOB] hello
    [SoulmanWOB] yes i love soul
    [SoulmanWOB] funk and jazz
    [SoulmanWOB] all music is good to me!
    [SoulmanWOB] I send you some of my raps and beats too
    [SoulmanWOB] i uploaded it now for you
    [SoulmanWOB] GREAT STUFF
    [SoulmanWOB] hope you enjoy my soulman music!
    (7:07) [sciaphite] your tracks make all by akai sampler ? or by cubase for the beat ?
    [SoulmanWOB] no cubase computer
    (10:15) [sciaphite] ok
    [SoulmanWOB] all old tracks made by casio rz and akai 950 samplerz
    (10:15) [sciaphite] not computer may be ?
    [SoulmanWOB] no
    [SoulmanWOB] newer tracks made with mpc 2000
    [SoulmanWOB] i DONT LIKE mpc 2000!!!!!!
    (10:16) [sciaphite] why ?
    [SoulmanWOB] sound not phat enough
    [SoulmanWOB] TOO THIN
    [SoulmanWOB] light
    (10:16) [sciaphite] this machine out the sound which yoy give
    [SoulmanWOB] i like old mpc 3000
    [SoulmanWOB] 950, sp 1200
    (10:17) [sciaphite] yes the sound isn't enough dirty
    [SoulmanWOB] RIGHT
    (10:17) [sciaphite] mpc 60
    [SoulmanWOB] too clean!
    [SoulmanWOB] mpc 60 os GOOD
    [SoulmanWOB] not as good as 3000 though
    [SoulmanWOB] 3000 is the best
    (10:18) [sciaphite] roger lynn !!!!!!!!!!!
    [SoulmanWOB] YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    [SoulmanWOB] i like old stuff
    [SoulmanWOB] vintage
    (10:18) [sciaphite] the da beatminerz works with it
    [SoulmanWOB] YES
    [SoulmanWOB] i know them
    [SoulmanWOB] i am an ORIGINAL beatminerz!
    (10:18) [sciaphite] pete rock beat or primo
    [SoulmanWOB] yeh
    [SoulmanWOB] eps16
    (10:19) [sciaphite] i don't know a eps 16
    [SoulmanWOB] fltered basses!
    (10:20) [sciaphite] okay asr 10
    [SoulmanWOB] yeah that good
    (10:20) [sciaphite] better sampler
    [SoulmanWOB] HAHAHA your right
    (10:21) [sciaphite] on you track don't feel your beat
    (10:21) [sciaphite] it's simply a soul loops
    [SoulmanWOB] what track you talk about?
    (10:22) [sciaphite] the folder neva stop diggin !
    [SoulmanWOB] you crazy man
    [SoulmanWOB] that is great music originals!
    (10:23) [sciaphite] no
    [SoulmanWOB] you are wrong
    [SoulmanWOB] you are confused
    [SoulmanWOB] i am confused
    (10:23) [sciaphite] yoyr kick and snare where is it ?
    [SoulmanWOB] my kick and snare?
    [SoulmanWOB] i play ORIGINAL RECORDS on those beats!!!!
    [SoulmanWOB] hot shit
    (10:24) [sciaphite] you play a original but don't put your charley; kick;snare on the loops
    [SoulmanWOB] no no no no
    [SoulmanWOB] not beats i make on 950!!!!!
    (10:25) [sciaphite] ok
    [SoulmanWOB] you are listening wrong
    [SoulmanWOB] LISTEN CLOSELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (10:25) [sciaphite] i believe it's a real production with a original sample
    [SoulmanWOB] you like kicks and snare drum better?
    [SoulmanWOB] i'm lost now
    (10:27) [sciaphite] like a kanye west on the girls girls girls tracks a love this works wiht the tom brocks original
    (10:28) [sciaphite] you see
    (10:28) [sciaphite] ?
    [SoulmanWOB] i send you my old tracks with my raps now
    (10:31) [sciaphite] hate or love it with a sample the trammps "the rubber band" i like a work of cool and dre
    [SoulmanWOB] you will SEE that i can chop beats and loops
    [SoulmanWOB] COOL AND DRE??????
    (10:31) [sciaphite] cool and dre a miami producer lean back etc
    (10:32) [sciaphite] no lean back
    [SoulmanWOB] lean back is scott storch
    [SoulmanWOB] man
    (10:32) [sciaphite] but a 5 or 6 tracks on the fat joe album
    [SoulmanWOB] i thought you like the OLD hip hop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (10:32) [sciaphite] yes is scott storch
    [SoulmanWOB] marley marl
    [SoulmanWOB] bomb squad
    [SoulmanWOB] you like the NEW rapz?????????
    [SoulmanWOB] jazzy pha??????????
    (10:33) [sciaphite] i love a old hip hop marley marl 45 kings, marley marl etc j
    [SoulmanWOB] r kelly beats are your taste?
    [SoulmanWOB] lil john TOO??????????
    [SoulmanWOB] man
    (10:33) [sciaphite] but i m interested by a new producer
    [SoulmanWOB] i dont know man
    (10:34) [sciaphite] not lil john
    [SoulmanWOB] i keeps it real, homey
    (10:34) [sciaphite] but just blaze;Emile
    [SoulmanWOB] will i am beatz?????????????????
    [SoulmanWOB] BLACK EYE PEAS MUSIC????????????????
    (10:34) [sciaphite] not electronic beatz
    (10:35) [sciaphite] no
    [SoulmanWOB] my humps my humps?????????
    [SoulmanWOB] oh okay?
    (10:35) [sciaphite] you crazy i talk a soul production like hi tekk
    [SoulmanWOB] i see now
    [SoulmanWOB] i get it
    (10:35) [sciaphite] but it's a young producer
    [SoulmanWOB] speed up the soul sample music
    [SoulmanWOB] chipmunk sound with high voice
    [SoulmanWOB] i see you
    [SoulmanWOB] you are very young?
    (10:36) [sciaphite] i m 19 years and you
    [SoulmanWOB] oh now i understand
    [SoulmanWOB] you are very very young
    [SoulmanWOB] its good you like the old produceurs though
    (10:38) [sciaphite] one very is suffisant
    [SoulmanWOB] OH DAMN!
    (10:38) [sciaphite] lolol
    [SoulmanWOB] you sonnin' me now
    [SoulmanWOB] im sorry
    [SoulmanWOB] i am an old man
    (10:38) [sciaphite] .sonnin ?
    [SoulmanWOB] yeah forget it
    (10:39) [sciaphite] you are old lolol
    [SoulmanWOB] grey hairs
    [SoulmanWOB] baldy headed
    (10:39) [sciaphite] lolol
    [SoulmanWOB] crows feet
    [SoulmanWOB] bad hip and joint pains
    (10:39) [sciaphite] a old hand who shake lolol
    [SoulmanWOB] I STILL LOVE THE RAP MUSIC anyway
    [SoulmanWOB] yeah i shake
    [SoulmanWOB] I HARLEM SHAKE hahaha!
    (10:40) [sciaphite] lol
    [SoulmanWOB] harharhar har har
    (10:40) [sciaphite] it's difficult for to put the cellul on the wax lol
    [SoulmanWOB] hey you are cool to talk to
    (10:41) [sciaphite] to talk to ?
    (10:41) [sciaphite] a msn adress
    (10:41) [sciaphite] ?
    [SoulmanWOB] coversation on soulseek
    [SoulmanWOB] thats all
    [SoulmanWOB] i dont want your phone number man
    [SoulmanWOB] i'm not like that
    [SoulmanWOB] i am sending you my RAP MUSIC produced
    (10:43) [sciaphite] no phone mnumber but a adress msn it's nothing it's just a young throught
    [SoulmanWOB] with kicks and snares too
    (10:43) [sciaphite] lol
    [SoulmanWOB] i dont do MSN
    (10:43) [sciaphite] kanye west drum kit
    [SoulmanWOB] you kids are on some other shit
    (10:43) [sciaphite] what yoy want ?
    [SoulmanWOB] i like kanyes drums
    [SoulmanWOB] so ORIGINAL
    [SoulmanWOB] i should say i LOVE kanyes drums
    [SoulmanWOB] get it?
    [SoulmanWOB] hahahaha
    (10:44) [sciaphite] you like a neptunes kit too lolol
    [SoulmanWOB] you don't get it do you?
    [SoulmanWOB] thats ok
    [SoulmanWOB] i like the neps
    [SoulmanWOB] i like timberland
    [SoulmanWOB] i do like will i am TOO!
    [SoulmanWOB] you like that London Bridge beat by fergie?
    (10:45) [sciaphite] phareel pharell pharell lolol
    [SoulmanWOB] for real
    (10:45) [sciaphite] no
    [SoulmanWOB] NO?????????
    (10:45) [sciaphite] it's a not sound but a noise
    [SoulmanWOB] London Bridge thats a hot beat man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    [SoulmanWOB] noise is GREAT for hip hop musics!
    (10:46) [sciaphite] maybe but i don't like
    [SoulmanWOB] marley marl
    [SoulmanWOB] bomb squad
    [SoulmanWOB] i think you really like a keyboard
    [SoulmanWOB] i can tell
    (10:47) [sciaphite] on the real the tracks of nas
    (10:47) [sciaphite] which sample soul children
    [SoulmanWOB] are you a backpacker?
    (10:47) [sciaphite] n.e.r.d too
    (10:47) [sciaphite] lolol
    (10:48) [sciaphite] which a backpackers?[SoulmanWOB] HEEHEEHEEHEE
    [SoulmanWOB] you like Rawkus records?
    (10:48) [sciaphite] a children who download lot of traks?
    [SoulmanWOB] neo soul?
    [SoulmanWOB] off the top of the dome raps?
    (10:48) [sciaphite] soundbombing 3 mos def my life
    [SoulmanWOB] Def Jux?
    (10:49) [sciaphite] jill scot syleena johson
    (10:49) [sciaphite] el p cannibal ox yes
    (10:49) [sciaphite] Vast aires i like too
    [SoulmanWOB] 7L Esoteric?
    [SoulmanWOB] Cage?
    (10:49) [sciaphite] yes
    [SoulmanWOB] Beck Odelay?
    (10:50) [sciaphite] a like sadat x brand new
    [SoulmanWOB] hmmmm
    (10:50) [sciaphite] cage
    [SoulmanWOB] thats peace
    (10:50) [sciaphite] beck odelay aieeeeeeeee no man
    (10:50) [sciaphite] .........
    (10:50) [sciaphite] sorry
    [SoulmanWOB] okay good
    (10:51) [sciaphite] but al green tammi terrel
    (10:51) [sciaphite] oscar brown
    (10:51) [sciaphite] miles davis
    (10:51) [sciaphite] tom brocks
    [SoulmanWOB] AL GREEN LOOPS???
    (10:51) [sciaphite] eddie holmann
    [SoulmanWOB] the beatles??
    (10:51) [sciaphite] something
    (10:52) [sciaphite] it's a great lopps of al greebn
    (10:52) [sciaphite] green
    [SoulmanWOB] the beegees?
    (10:52) [sciaphite] i know a beattles but i prefer the delfonics
    [SoulmanWOB] how about trance music?
    (10:52) [sciaphite] the bee gees
    [SoulmanWOB] house?
    (10:52) [sciaphite] yes
    [SoulmanWOB] techno?
    [SoulmanWOB] crunk?
    (10:53) [sciaphite] no
    (10:53) [sciaphite] no
    (10:53) [sciaphite] i interest all
    (10:53) [sciaphite] pitbull rick ross lil jion eastsidaz boyz
    (10:54) [sciaphite] dem frenchiez boy
    (10:55) [sciaphite] 4.00 to 4.30 on the most definitely who is singers ?
    (10:55) [sciaphite] this voice is great
    (10:55) [sciaphite] tracks 7 man
    (10:56) [sciaphite] answer ??????????????,,,
    (10:57) [sciaphite] this wowan songers who is ,
    [SoulmanWOB] on my musics?????
    (11:00) [sciaphite] yes
    (11:00) [sciaphite] i m would like a name
    (11:00) [sciaphite] for sample this voice
    (11:01) [sciaphite] it's okay
    [SoulmanWOB] that is dionne warwick
    [SoulmanWOB] mos def sampled that
    [SoulmanWOB] i play many samples already used on my mixes!
    [SoulmanWOB] okay i must go at this time
    [SoulmanWOB] my kids are going WILD!!!!
    (11:03) [sciaphite] dionne warwick i have a vinyl her and stevie wonder for ost
    [SoulmanWOB] i have to stop them
    (11:03) [sciaphite] okay bye
    [SoulmanWOB] bye
    (11:03) [sciaphite] your are a children
    (11:03) [sciaphite] bye
    (11:03) [sciaphite] wiht a littles monsters lololol

  • [sciaphite] wiht a littles monsters lololol

    Phil, you are a funny motherfucker, man but you need to get that kid to:
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