• SureshotSureshot 134 Posts
    Kid is niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!

  • markus71markus71 937 Posts
    I saw a documentary on this kid once about 15 years ago I think (if it's the same dude) dad recorded it on video.
    Love the way he lifts the bucket up to produce the bass sound.

  • jfreejfree 18 Posts
    I'm betting it's prrrrobably not the same guy.

    They have a half dozen guys at Chicago Bulls game alone that can do routines every bit as tight. There were also a few middle school students of mine in NOLA that could get down like that as well. For their sake, I hope they've found another, more stable occupation.

    ...not to talk smack though, as if I have any talents nearly as impressive. Dude is still
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