Suggest a good 90's hip-hop mix

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Can anyone suggest a good 90's hip-hop mix. I've currently been feeling DJ Jazzy Jeff's Hip-Hop Forever II and DJ Neil Armstrong's Filthy (though it's not limited to 90's era stuff).


  • jaymackjaymack 5,199 Posts
    5 Deadky Venoms
    Funmaster Flex first 3 joints
    Cali Kings got a good mix
    DJ Abilities has a good one

  • sonofsamsonofsam 680 Posts
    vinroc - reconstruction

  • mordecaimordecai 2,204 Posts
    vinroc - reconstruction

    Roc Raida - What 187 FM

  • rootlesscosmorootlesscosmo 12,848 Posts
    get those ROB ONE jawns dunny!!!!

  • 5 Deadky Venoms

    I've never had the pleasure of hearing this.
    and no, i'm not trying to be funny because you spelled it wrong, I simply have never had the pleasure.

  • ja_bruceja_bruce 295 Posts
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    stuff by 5th Platoon as said before, Ron G, Mister Cee

  • serch4beatzserch4beatz Switzerland 521 Posts
    premos crooklyn cuts
    evil dee - one
    dj rhettmatic - u call dis piece of shit a mixtape? ( or sumthin like this)
    j.r. ewing has some nice indie mixtapes too

    hm yea thats all about i can think of right now

  • Any early 90s mixes from ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON G!

  • DrJoelDrJoel 932 Posts
    Tony Touch Tape 50 anyone?

    i used to love riding around listening to DJ Juice tapes, he did a lot of blends and had a nice mix of R-n-B and rap. i graduated high school in '99.

    PumpkinSqueezMuzik was a fun for that kind of tape, man i havent listened to that in a while.

    Was there a 1200 Hobos tape of Evolution? Something to that effect, i gotta get my cassettes from my parents basement. i only have one Hobos tape and its one of my favorite mixtapes ever. Its got the Loveline call on it:

    "I'm starting to smell like 1200 Hobos down there."

    i wanted to set all DJ Clue tapes (before and including the real release CD joints) on fire back then. They used to irritate me so much.

  • sonofsamsonofsam 680 Posts
    i wanted to set all DJ Clue tapes (before and including the real release CD joints) on fire back then. They used to irritate me so much.

    i hear you on that for the most part, but dj clue - "hip hop/reggae #14" was the shit... it came out in 1995 i think, and it was early-mid 90s dancehall acapellas over hip hop instrumentals from the same time period... i ripped it from the tape, so the sound quality might not be great, but it's a pretty damn good mix imo:

    side 1

    side 2

    not clue related, but there was a dmx vs. canibus tape that was out around 1997/1998 that the tape player in my old car ate... it was a bunch of freestyles and cameos from both of them... if anybody has that tape ripped and could upload it or wants to sell the tape, holler please

  • vinroc - reconstruction

    Thumbs up! If you like Golden Era, then this is the CD to get

    I always thought that Doo Wop's Live '95 mix tape was classic.

    DJ S&S had some good mid-90s mix tapes.

  • fredfadesfredfades 584 Posts
    Cut Chemist - The Diabolical (Only availiable on casette) is the absolutely sickest 90s mix i`ve heard.

    shit is

  • sonofsamsonofsam 680 Posts
    bump - hoping some strutter out there has dmx vs. canibus and just missed this thread

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