Brief Encounter song "Human"

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The break "Human" by Brief Encounter.Who has this joint? I heard it on a mix not too long ago. I wanted to know how obscure the track or group is?


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    Lp is about $2000. Answer your question?


  • shooteralishooterali 1,591 Posts

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    45 is cheaper, I'd say 150-200....but I could see it fetching more these days.

    Just a hunch, k in canada.

    P.S. A vg+ copy of the LP got 3000CDN recently from a guy who simply accompanied his friend to the dealer's house.

  • DCarfagnaDCarfagna 983 Posts

    Brief Encounter has two LPs, I believe.
    A silver one and the one with the rainbow stock cover.
    In my book, "Human" is one of the finest '70s soul tunes there is.
    I don't think it figures on any of the LPs.

  • drewnicedrewnice 5,465 Posts
    I've had the MP3s of this album in mega-heavy rotation the past week or so.
    Listening to them right now, actually...

    "Just a little notion..."

  • shooteralishooterali 1,591 Posts
    Hey, what about sharing some of those Mp3's

  • MrSeanMrSean 57 Posts
    Compilation of their Sound Stage 7 45s, Japan only, 1988. Not easy to find anymore.

  • buttonbutton 1,475 Posts

    I don't know if you're strictly into breaks, but their sweet soul 45 "(don't you see) I'm Crazy About you" hits sooo hard. and it shouldn't cost you more than $10

  • redgregredgreg 96 Posts
    What About Love is another good non lp cut

  • shooteralishooterali 1,591 Posts
    So who's going to to sale me the 45 of some of "Brief Encounter's" songs??

    Any offers?

  • parsecparsec 5,087 Posts
    you shoulda got the 8 dollar buy it now that I just snagged on ebay yesterday.

  • SwayzeSwayze 14,705 Posts
    you shoulda got the 8 dollar buy it now that I just snagged on ebay yesterday.

  • parsecparsec 5,087 Posts
    check the ebay store for a few more buy it now's hommie...

  • shooteralishooterali 1,591 Posts
    Yup, I see them, but I want "Human" on 45!
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