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German news media is reporting this right now. The translation was done with google, but you will get the main thing.Berlin - ???we arrested, said the Bodyguard that volume and the Leads??nger yesterday because of the suspicion on dangerous bodily injury temporarily??? a speaker of the citizens of Berlin police today. The determinations continue, in the meantime are the arresting however free foot against a so-called ???security??? in height mentioned, a bail thus. Getty image Singer Adams with colleague Fergie The volume had given a concert at the Wednesday evening in the Adidas arena, afterwards they wanted to celebrate 40 Seconds with view in the club over Berlin. Into the VIP Lounge came it then against 1.30 o'clock to the Pr??gelei. The Bodyguard dazzled photographers with a flashlight, who tried, to make a blueprint the volume. Thereupon the T??rsteher of the club was called - and got from the Bodyguard a bottle sparkling wine over the head pulled. In photos in the ???pictures??? - to newspaper one sees the bleeding man finally hitting with a baton on the Bodyguard. Except the two also two volume members and an indifferent woman are to have been easily hurt. The VIP guests were shocked by the force. ???Such a thing I did not experience ever, I had really fear???, said the acting measure Germany, Isabelle Knispel of the ???citizens of Berlin morning mail???. I know that they are gangsta, thats on some street credibilty shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!PeaceHawkeye


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    I could not make heads or tails of that article.

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    Fergie The Volume?

    That google translation is funnier than the actual story

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    I could not make heads or tails of that article.

    Here's an english version:

    "Band minds its Peas
    and q's in Berlin melee[/b]

    The Black Eyed Peas nearly wound up with real black eyes after a bloody fight erupted at their after-show party in Berlin on Wednesday.

    All hell broke loose when a member of the group's security team faced off with bouncers at the 40 Seconds club, according to sources.

    The melee started, spies say, when one of the band's beefy bodyguards lashed out at the club's staff for letting a photographer snap pictures of the Grammy winners.

    Muscles started flexing, and soon fists and stemware were flying. Singer tried to negotiate peace between the guards - but not before a shard of glass hit a female assistant for the Peas near her throat. She was treated by a paramedic.

    Band members eventually fled the mayhem. A spokeswoman for the band didn't return calls by deadline.

    The battle may have proved fortuitous for one band member. Earlier at the party, the Pea MC Taboo was flirting with Miss Germany, Isabelle Knispel. After a bottle of vodka came sailing toward them, she was clinging tightly to the rapper, who didn't seem to mind."

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    the Pee MC

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    the Pee MC

    I thought he was a ninja. How come he didn't do some ninja shit during the fight?

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    Please to post pic of Fergie peeing her pants while bodyguard busts heads as Ninja boy hold hottie.

  • I could not make heads or tails of that article.
    you should try reading it with a hangover

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    I'm suprisingly un-hungover this morning.

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