latin track id needed.

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track in question heard it's pretty easy...but got no name yet.please, drop some knowledge.appreciated.


  • soulmarcosasoulmarcosa 4,296 Posts
    Antonio Carlos Jobim's "Aguas de Marco" is the song. I'm assuming it's Elis Regina singing.

    NYC Japanese hipster duo Cibo Matto do a decent cover too.

    Great tune!!

  • thanks a bunch...was assuming elis regina, but since my portugesh is so chance on the lyrics

  • MoogManMoogMan Sao Paulo, Brazil 1,173 Posts
    Soulmarcosa is right; it's Elis Regina singing Aguas de Mar??o, from this lp:


  • AserAser 2,351 Posts

    also very necessary, I like this duet version more.

  • never underestimate mary roos. always a german version of almost every latin tune. hahaha.

    well, thanks again...gonna be shoppin in a minute. had this as a snippet on some more obscure dj tool and always wanted to know.

  • MoogManMoogMan Sao Paulo, Brazil 1,173 Posts

    also very necessary, I like this duet version more.

    Yeah, me too.
    After listening their version, Elis' solo sounds like it lacks something, and it's not only Tom's voice.
    The arrangement/production of the duo's version is better imo.


  • SoulificSoulific 103 Posts
    man, we're idiots!
    you asked me to identify this track and i couldn't figure out what it was. and it turns out that YOU bought this record for me some time ago. shame on us.
    please bann us from this board we're lame.

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