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    R&B, Hip-hop and Gospel music are huuuge in Japan and there are many young folks who aspire to spend some time living in New York (and preferrably spending time in Harlem).

    I thought faux_rillz was from atlanta?

  • this one is definatly "off the hook", if you know what i mean, fellow african american slang speaker.

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    some really sound relationship advice here:

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    some really sound relationship advice here:

    But what if i want to say fuck you biotch?, i can only say fuck you bitch?

    i aint wit it

    (my favorite has to be the all time classic "she aint bout shit")

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    who that is?

    that is my baby's father

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    Excellent. Managed to learn a bit of japanese slang too.

    Hottoite kure!!!

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    That cover photo is perfect. I'm imagining a video with that guy saying all the phrases in a Dave Chappell "white guy" voice. With lots of "thumbs up" gestures.

    You startin' to sound like a bitch![/b]

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    This remind me of a story about the ALMIGHTY BUM SUCK.

    BumSuck was a korean dude that I worked with in Korea. He was the coolest motherfcker on the planet. He loved learning American slang. Whatever he would hear he would repeat it.

    I remember the day he said "Waddup Nigga" in a room full of black GIs. Uncomfortable silence, followed by uncomfortable explanation of why he perhaps shouldn't use the the word "nigga" even though he heard other people say it, followed by me secretly dying of laughter inside. I swear to god that was so fucking funny. Nobody held it against him since obviously he didn't know any better. Poor guy.

    Sigh.... Bumsuck was the coolest.

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    Twoply.... CLEAR OUT YOUR PMs!!!

    (p.s. yeah I saw it and it was awesome!)

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