very random sonic youth-related mp3 request

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anyone have an mp3 of lee ranaldo's 'notebook' (off the amarillo ramp record, I think) ?an odd forum to be asking for this, I know.saw sonic youth last night at cbgb and was reminded of the ranaldo song, whcih I seem to recall liking back in the advance thanks, A HREF=!/satie.mp3>here/A> is an erik satie thing that sounds perfect to me right now.


  • crossingscrossings 946 Posts
    i figured noone else was gonna help you out with this one... so here ya go, man... hope it eases the aural itch.

  • crossings -- it's very appreciated.

    I get, now, why this appealed to me as a teen, though it doesn't quite strike my older self as much.

  • SoulhawkSoulhawk 3,197 Posts
    saw sonic youth last night at cbgb

    how are sonic youth these days?

    lost track of them years ago.

    I talked to thurston at a wfmu arsenal show once, his teeth were green.


  • yeah they've certainly aged, in that progressively gnarled, progressively gnomic way that you kind of thought they would. I've been hot/cold on them since Washing Machine -- the albums seem either hyper-out there or totally straightforward (Murray Street) -- and the new one, Rather Ripped, is quite good in the latter sort of way. Songs are almost poppy, which I'm fine with. If the tour kickoff was any indication, they're just going to do the album straight through each night, then encore with "Eric's Trip."

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    They were really great live last year - saw them at Roskilde and they did Pacific Coast Highway and Teenage Riot alongside the Murray Street and Sonic Nurse songs. Still a fan, haven't heard the new one though. They're really terrible at writing lyrics nowadays, but that was never their strength anyway.
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