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Its been one year since we started funkin up Toronto's dancefloors and now Make it Funky is back with our biggest lineup ever bringing it all back to where it began...[/b] FUNK COSTUMES ARE HIGHLY ENCOURAGEDPARTY INFOMAKE IT FUNKY 1 YEARFORT KNOX FIVE (www.fortknoxrecordings.com) KING SUNSHINE (www.kingsunshine.com)BIG LEAGUE CHU (Make It Funky)Layin it down JUSTIN TYCE (ondafly) Funky houseFARBSIE VS SUNPREDICTABLE (Make It Funky)decks n drumsThe Funk LoungeDAVE DUB (DSV,Make It Funky)DJ ZIRCA (www.DJZIRCA.COM) Liquid DNBTARO (Make It Funky) Funky BreaksJO' FUNC (HEADS AND DECKS) Funky house n' breaksSOUR GRAPES (DISCO DEMOLITION SOUND) Funky breaksROLLIN Cash (www.hotpierecords.com)Location: El Mocambo 464 Spadina Ave. TorontoAdmission: $12 with reduced guestlist Email [email]Makeitfunkyparty@hotmail.com[/email] subject "1 year"[/b] Include full names.More at the door.R.O.A.R., PLUR, 19+event (Id required)[/b]Join the collective www.myspace.com/makeitfunkyMake It Funky is proud to present.....FORT KNOX FIVE[/SIZE](WASHINGTON DC)Fort Knox Five (Fort Knox Recordings) The Fort Knox Five have had a huge impact on the international funk and breaks scene over the past couple of years. With the release of five critically acclaimed singles on their own independent label, Fort Knox Recordings, the FK5 have been thrust into the spotlight and caught the attention of music lovers around the world. FK5 flawlessly fuse live instrumentation with modern electronics to create their signature funk-driven sound. Their highly sought-after production style has been called upon to remix incredible artists, including: the legendary Tito Puente, Louis Armstrong, Tower of Power, A Skillz and Krafty Kuts, Dynamo Productions,and Mo'Horizons. They have also been called upon by the godfather himself, Afrika Bambaataa, to produce four tracks on his recent album "Dark Matter" on Tommy Boy Records. Recently, they have been back in the studio with Afrika Bambaataa and King Kamonzi to record a smoking new single called ???Radio Free DC.??? FK5???s unique DJ style ranges from eclectic downbeat & hip hop, to upbeat funk and breaks. Their keen sense of party rocking has gained them countless fans around the globe. They have rocked dancefloors in Russia, Germany, Hungary, Holland, Switzerland, Australia, Thailand, and Canada to name a few. 2005 is proving to be pinnacle year for the Fort Knox Five. Having just been selected into the prestigious Urb Magazine Next 100, and featured on the Hotel Costes Sept Compilation, FK5 have also teamed up with the English Funkateers, Skeewiff, over at Jalapeno Records. Together they compiled a breakbeat funk compilation called, The Raid. It features exclusive tracks and remixes by Skeewiff, the Fort Knox Five, and Kraak en Smaak. These tunes all come from the back catalogs of Fort Knox and Jalapeno. A major turning point in 2005 was when they were selected to be Gwen Stefani???s tour and show dj on the Harajuku Lovers 2005 tour. Being a part of this, they had the opportunity to open sellout shows with Gwen Stefani, and the Black Eyed Peas. They were able to play massive arenas, such as the Hollywood Bowl, Madison Square Gardens, and everywhere else in between. Next up for the Fort Knox Five in early 2006, keep an eye out for the New Gold Standard Vol 1, which will be the first cd release for Fort Knox. It is a compilation of songs coming from the vaults of Fort Knox. Solid 24K Gold! They are also releasing a mix cd of their remixes entitled ???Fort Knox Reminted???. FK5 will also be working closely next year with Krafty Kuts, Afrika Bambaataa, and Wicked Lester. Keep an eye out for their first full length album out Fall 2006. Visit www.fortknoxrecordings.com for the latest info on FK5 releases and upcoming shows.KING SUNSHINE[SIZE=4](TORONTO)WATCH THE VIDEO(takes a few minutes to load) Digging beneath the surface of a multifaceted mix of genres, King Sunshine delivers what people have been longing for; music with substance, music that recognizes it's disco roots, music that pushes the boundaries in an attempt to reinvent house music and take it to a new exciting level. Extended percussion breaks and samples from artists like Detroit's Theo Parish, Larry Levan, Roy Ayers and Glenn Underground, can be heard throughout their sets. Their groove and mixes emulate yet recreate the way dance music Djs spin. King Sunshine has created a style that has been widely appreciated by many in the music industry, landing them on stage with some of house music's finest, including Theo Parrish, Mark Farina, Derrick Carter, Ron Trent, Dj Sneak, Jason Palma and New Jerseys soul man Kenny Bobien. There???s a lot of history in King Sunshine. The band started to evolve at a time when house music and Djs were coming up from the underground and planting their roots outside of the club scene. House heads out of Chicago were releasing "The History of House Music", while King Sunshine was preparing to make history eight hours away in Toronto. They began opening ears and eyes as one of the most explosive bands to take house music off of vinyl and bring it to the stage live. Many musicians have gravitated towards the disco and funk rhythms of King Sunshine. In six years of development, nine soul shakers have solidified a powerful force that hypnotizes audiences, draws them to the dance floors and uplifts them to a higher state of consciousness. Sweet keys, heart pounding drums, heavy bass, smooth guitar, intense electronics, percussion, tight horns and soulful vocals make up King Sunshine. Thier concerts have been described as "powerful, unforgettable, rhythmic experience" BIG LEAGUE CHUColin Chu, better known as Big League Chu, is simply the leading DJ talent in Canada?s breakbeat scene today. After nearly a decade of DJing, his name is synonymous with the funky, party-happy sound that?s become Chu's rallying call - and it's one that crowds answer faithfully. Passion for music and fun are what motivates Chu, who plays the piano, flute and guitar, and counts the Dave Matthews Band and Public Enemy as his biggest musical influences. It???s this good-natured respect for good times and eclectic sounds that has garnered this humble DJ of Hong Kong and Singaporean descent to such a steady stream of press, from underground publications like Tribe and Klublife to mainstream outlets like the Toronto Star and Eye weekly. His current projects include Make It Funky and his new weekly residency at Kabin. THE FUNK LOUNGE[/b]DAVE DUB (DSV,Make It Funky)Back with make it funky for the first time since he helped us to start it all off one year ago is Dave Dub dropping the funk like only he can in the funk lounge.ZIRCA (www.DJZIRCA.COM) Liquid DNBTARO (Make It Funky) Funky BreaksJO' FUNC (Heads and
decks)Funky houseSOUR GRAPES (Disco Demolition Sound) Funky breaksROLLIN Cash (www.hotpierecords.com)Funk Costumes Highly encouraged[/b]For more funky events check out: www.nufunk.ca


  • I know you want to get down with the funky sounds!

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    I know you want to get down with the funky sounds!

    How funky are these breakz? Mad funky or just funk-y?

  • This should give you an idea.

    Fantastic new set from Fort Knox Five vs Ursula 1000 under the name FK1000 which is the bootleg alias. This mix is one of my favorites ever and its all original reworks of great tracks you will know. Fantastic stuff here from the innovators of funk.

    download here

    FK1000 - And Now Ladies & Gentlement [FK1000]
    FK1000 - Drum Pan Sound [FK1000]
    FK1000 - Under Mi Sensi [FK1000]
    FK1000 - Another Message to Rudy [FK1000]
    FK1000 - AW J5 [FK1000]
    FK1000 - Do What We Like [FK1000]
    FK1000 - Its Rubix Thang [FK1000]
    FK1000 - Bootlicks [FK1000]
    FK1000 - I Know Kung Fu [FK1000]
    FK1000 - Notorius Message [FK1000]
    FK1000 - Our Definition [FK1000]
    FK1000 - Lauren Don't Tek No [FK1000]
    FK1000 - Gorillaz Got Soul [FK1000]
    FK1000 - Buffalo Boot [FK1000]
    FK1000 - Party's Over [FK1000][/

  • these guys are the definition of urban funk
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