Leo muthaf***in' Sayer

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...is back. Own up, Strutters, which one of you is responsible for this travesty?
Leo Sayer remix tipped as a hit comeback Mark BrownTuesday February 7, 2006The Guardian It's been played at more wedding receptions than almost any other song - When I need you/I just close my eyes and I'm with you - and it got him to the number one slot in 1977.Thunder In My Heart on the other hand could only get Leo Sayer to number 22. And if you're having to mouth the words trying to remember how it goes just turn on the radio, because pundits are predicting a Leo Sayer second wind.The track has been remixed by the Los Angeles-based dance DJ Meck who stumbled across the record in a second-hand store. "It absolutely blew me away," he said. "Lyrically it is so heartfelt and angst-ridden. You probably think of two or three records he did that people unfortunately think of as being a bit naff or not cool. This is so not that Leo Sayer."The Radio One DJ Pete Tong agrees and has been championing the track to the point where it is predicted that it will enter the charts in the top three. Sayer, considered naff by some even at the height of his fame in the 70s, has fewer tribute websites than others. Between 1973 and 1982 he had a string of hits and his own TV show, though always more a housewife's favourite than cutting edge performer.He then quit the UK for the US. When he returned the industry had more or less forgotten him. A year and a half ago the 56-year-old left for Australia, bitterly complaining that UK music bosses did not recognise his talents. Yesterday though, Sayer was not so bitter. "It's been a blast," he said. "I'm really fired up at the moment and can't wait to get back on stage again."Gennaro Castaldo of HMV said: "The record will certainly be top three and is selling well. It's a quiet week for new releases so it could well make number one."For those still trying to remember how it goes,this may help: "I feel a thunder in my heart/where it comes from I just don't know/oh no, oh no/there's a storm ragin' deep in my soul/there's a howlin' wind that I just can't control/there's a fire inside me I can't explain/every time you touch me my love falls like rain."


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