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Hey, Just curious how you all got so intensely into the old soul/funk sounds. I'm guessing a lot of people became aware of it through hiphop samples, breaks, etc. For me it was a love of "oldies" ever since I was a kid and first heard the Beach Boys and the soundtrack to Stand By Me. A lot of 60's Motown and garage (though I didn't know to call it that back then) naturally fed into that. Then as I grew into an older, disillusioned teenager, reading about all sorts of subcultures from the last 75 years, I tended to identify with the UK mod culture more than a lot of the rest. Which is how I came to appreciate "black music" as its often labelled, as well as psych and other related genres. How about the rest of you? Rep your roots!


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    i got a boner when i saw a Leo Sayer album cover. theres been no turning back since then

  • My roots travel through mom's record collection and dad's latin/funk/jazz band. When hip-hop came out it was so natural and familiar to me since it sampled all my mom's old records. Half the time I didn't even know it. I'd hear a rap song and think it sounds so familiar, but why? then when my mom passed away I got her records and found all those samples.

    I've posted about these records before. Music was an incredible gift she left me. I love you mom.

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    My Dad spent most weekends in the 70's picking through record stores for Elvis studio out-takes bootleg LP's & Charlie Parker on Dial V-Disc transcriptions...he dragged my elementary-school-ass along, and I became accustomed to these places. I was into "Big Band" music, and would have him buy me Benny Goodman LP's, as well as coverless 50's & 60's comic books that most of these places sold for a dime apiece. I spent many a saturday afternoon reading "The Brave & the Bold" on the floor of the OG Skippy White's off of Mass Ave.

    I got my first job at 14, and spent my first paycheck at Second Coming Records, on a sealed bootleg of UK mod punks The Jam - it had a sticker on it hyping a bonus 7" inside. I got it home and opened it, and there was no 7". I brought it back and the guy told me "tough shit."

    I got a job at Nugget's used records in 1988, when I was 18. I still bought mostly punk, but Parliament/Funkadelic was my shit, I played the shit out of my copies of One Nation and Uncle Jam and did drugs constantly. At that Nuggets job I also got my copy of Shaft in Africa that I still own, and "re-discovered" in my collection a few years back, when I started really collecting soul & funk. By that time, I had returned to used records for a one-year gig, at Flipside Records in Brookline, MA. While working there, my always-somewhat-excessive record collecting blew up into the ridiculous obsession it is these days. I may be purging massive stacks very soon, though. I always like to blow shit up every few years or so. Except for Benny Goodman & Shaft in Africa. Those aren't going anywhere.

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    i got a boner when i saw a Leo Sayer album cover. theres been no turning back since then

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