Mike the 2600 King / Minneapolis / Friday

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YOI'll be spinning records this Friday, September 23 at Azia (26th & Nicollet, Minneapolis).It's kind of a shi-shi place, but when enough cool folks show up, it's Expect to hear some disco, funk, disco rap, m??dern soul, and the likes.10PM - 2AMno cover21+


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    Dude, you should know that I'll be sending my Bonzaki interactive monkey to spy on your set, and if I receive word that you did not rock "Heat Of The Moment" doubles, I'm gonna bust into my daughter's room and tear her Mike2600 poster off the wall just like Pa Dukes in the "I Need Love" video--"What did I tell you about these DJ guys!"

    "He's violatin', boss--straight up and down!"

  • "Heat Of The Moment"

    how about we meet halfway at "the final countdown?"

    oh wait, that was europe.
    shit. eh, close enough.
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