soulstrut help + todays finds

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okay.?? so here's the deal.?? if i could get the soulstrut community to help my band with some online votes, it would really be nice. i submitted this track a long time ago to an online radio show ( and now we need folks to vote so that we can try to advance to the finals. we were in second place the last time i checked, but we still need more votes to catch up. if you could take a half second, click the link, and vote for Freeflow 'song for a matador', it would be much appreciated.?? here is the link:?? you have problems accessing the poll, you may need to switch your browser.?? if you are interested in hearing the show or learning more about the contest go to:?? www.doodoodefshow.comi really need to invest in a digital camera so i can start to contribute to the post threads. today i spent a few minutes in one of my local spots and pulled the following 45's. nothing noteworthy, but for 99 cents?curtis mayfield - 'beautiful brother of mine' 45bobbi humphrey - 'san francisco lights' 45ujima - 'im getting hip' 45betty wright - 'i'll love you forever' 45eric b and rakim - 'let the rhythm hit em' 45chairmen of the board - 'let me down easy' 45 tevin campbell - 'round and round' 45...i always loved this song when i was a kid...last week i did pretty well in picking up a bunch of lp's that i didnt have yet:the marvelettes- sophisticated soul lpthe marvelettes- the marvelettes lpmillie jackson- caught up lpjames brown- live at the apollo vol 2 lpherbie hancock- man-child lpchi lites- chil lites lpjimmy james and the vagabonds- come to me softly lpvarious- soul explosion 2lp (stax)inez foxx at memphis lpsegments of time - self titled lpdonny hathaway- live lp al wilson- weighing in lpnina simone- best of (philips) lpbill withers- still bill lpmandrill- just outside of town lperma franklin- soul sister lpotis redding and carla thomas- king & queen lpisis- aint no backing up now lp...i'm really feeling this, anyone know anything about it?kool & the gang- greatest hits! lpkool & the gang- the best of lp marvin gaye- trouble man lpking floyd- think about it lpohio players- pain lpotis redding- the soul album lpdonald byrd- black byrd lpim not sure if these are heavy enough to catch anyone's eye as i know i have a lot to learn. ive been obtaing so many new records lately, its just been an exciting past week or so.take care -marty


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