Put together a modern dub EP - Burial System

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This is why I don't spend so much time on teh Strut... recently been balls deep making an EP with a talented chap called Sub Foundation. It's a collaboration that started with a poor attempt at a remix (by moi), but blossomed into a working partnership founded on an interest in all things dub and modern interpretations of. Along with the 5, yes FIVE tracks, there's an hour and twenty six minutes DJ mix of tunes liberally peppered with soundclash samples and a few unreleased bits. I've been told it's all together a rather decent package.


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      haven't listened to the mix yet but the ep is like buttered toast

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    Cool, glad you like it. For some it might not be "dubby" enough, but we had some fun bashing these out. Spent some time on the mix, hope it's worth repeated listening too.
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