Beauty The Beat sample FAQ?



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    Yeah I remember when it originally came out in '02. Had no job and was broke at the time, never really got around getting a copy.

    Clicked that link and got this: Sorry, you were outbid at the last minute. This item sold to mophono for US $58.00.

    One of the million copies Ive bid on I guess. A little pricy for a VG++ copy IMO.

    As someone who's never used more than one '+' OR the "grade" EX (which normally doesn't exist in the US) I'm somewhat curious as to what you think a "VG++" copy would be lacking either visually or audibly. To me "VG++" should be the same as "NM-" which is as close as a used record can be to perfect...

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    that's better.

    but I'm mousey, not doggie

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    ahh fuck not another one.

  • aight.. time to get organised?

    01. polite meeting -- iron butterfly 'belda beast', harumi 'hello'
    02. funky voltron -- lee austin 'screwdriver'
    03. i see colours -- the dells 'i can sing a rainbow'
    04. fumbling over words that rhyme
    05. murder mystery -- the pretty things 'well of destiny' [/b]
    06. torture chamber -- mixtures, pink floyd 'on the run'
    07. making planets -- music machine 'hey joe', michael greer 'water'
    08. time out
    09. rock and roll -- small faces 'ogdens nut gone flake'
    10. beauty -- little boy blues, 'strawberry fields forever' from "Fool On The Hill (beatles songbook no. 1) LP on deacon
    11. science of the two -- Jimi Entley Sound - Charlies Theme
    12. smile -- the hollies 'clown'
    13. promised land -- arik einstein 'dark, dark, dark', sugarloaf 'west of tomorrow'

    fill in the others mentioned!

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    i interrupt this sample spotting turned beefrapps thread to hit you with this!!

  • dayday 9,612 Posts
    i can't wait to smack that guy one day.

  • SoulOnIceSoulOnIce 13,027 Posts
    I keep hoping one of those videos will end with
    Rowdy Roddy Piper coming onscreen and breaking a
    table and set of chairs over that guy's skull.

  • i interrupt this sample spotting turned beefrapps thread to hit you with this!!

  • CosmoCosmo 9,767 Posts
    I could use a coy of Apache Funk (or an MP3 of it.)

    Also, doesn't homeboy use Pink Floyd "See Emily Play" real quick?

  • DB_CooperDB_Cooper Manhatin' 7,823 Posts
    I'm not another one, just giving ako a hard time.

    Then, can I give you a hard time for misspelling your user name? ???Cause that's pretty stupid. Sayin???

  • DB_CooperDB_Cooper Manhatin' 7,823 Posts
    You sound white.

    I am.

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    i can't wait to smack that guy one day.

    Good luck, he just scoooots out of the way of your fist & keeps going.

  • djtopcatdjtopcat Seattle WA The 206 312 Posts
    Anybody solved Fumbling over words yet?
    Sounds very UKish 60's pop psych to me. If you slow it down there's some clues that can be heard. The pitched up vocals say something like "words that rhyme" "To love with sound around and round" 
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