GANG STARR - One Of The Best Yet

Are you fucking kidding me?

Christmas came early this year my dudes. Here I am at 46 goddamn years old, posting on Soulstrut about a NEW GANGSTARR ALBUM.

I love it. I absolutely fucking love it. As soon as I heard Gurus voice, I damn near teared up. Yeah I said it - I damn near teared up. 

So many memories, so much time since Guru passed, we have all grown & spread out across the globe, & not to get all emotional but on a personal note, 2019 was a rough year. But now, on the other side, the healthy recovery side, with a stent in my heart that saved my life & gave me back the feeling of youth, I got to sit down with my teenage sons and together we listened to a new Gangstarr album. Together. 


R.I.P Guru.
Gang Starr for LIFE.

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  • It's like opening a time capsule; I mean that in a good way. Ridiculous. The story behind it is crazy too. I think Premier's done the best possible thing he could do with vocals from a great who's passed - make it sound like it's not a posthumous release.

  • Reynaldo82Reynaldo82 NorCal 73 Posts
    Cutting Guru's son's dreads in the video was some Babylon bullshit. He'll look back on that moment as the beginning of the end.

  • man I haven't heard the whole thing end 2 end yet, but what I heard was the dopest shit, looks like there's a delay on vinyl (dec 6th) but I cant wait for that shit to drop...

  • SPlDEYSPlDEY Vegas 3,375 Posts
    No Doubt. 

    - D

  • ketanketan Warmly booming riffs 3,009 Posts
    It's aging well too.  Militia 4 is    R&B joint is fire.

    Primo really went to town - legendary at this stage in his career.

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