Chicago Recommendations

Hello Strut,

Myself and wifey are doing a few days in Chicago next week - any must do/must see recommendations would be hugely appreciated. I wouldn't be mad if there's a nice digging spot either

Thanking you


  • ppadilhappadilha 2,040 Posts
    A friend of mine from the Chicago area used to rave about hot wet beef sandwiches, he'd even get a mail order kit to make them in NYC on his birthday.

    So if hot wet beef sandwiches are something that pique your interest, maybe try to score one.

  • YNOTYNOT in a studio apt mixing tuna with the ramen 412 Posts
    Hot Beef sandwiches are the business. Hit Portillos it's the tourist spot but it's fat boy approved. Also enjoyed a Costa Rican restaurant Irazu. Lot's of fat boy joy to be had on them Windy City Streets. As far as records are concerned Dusty Groove is a staple shop. I liked Logan's Hardware when I was there but heard they shut down. 

  • DuderonomyDuderonomy Haut de la Garenne 7,451 Posts
    Chicago pizzas have given me the idea that there’s a third possible reason behind the Windy City epithet: the crust is butter pastry, they’re about 4-5 inches tall, and after you’ve eaten one... you are contributing.

    Best avoided just before an intimate transatlantic flight.

  • ketanketan Warmly booming riffs 2,658 Posts
    Out of the Past is the spot if you want the authentic dollar bin experience.  Bring your own mask!

    Yeah, so much great food in Chi-town.

    The Art Institute of Chicago was excellent when I went.  Architecture Boat Rides do not disappoint! 

  • ppadilhappadilha 2,040 Posts
    ketan said:
    Architecture Boat Rides do not disappoint! 

    just make sure Dave Matthews isn't around!

  • Unless you are a real big fan of the dmb, in which case, itadakimasu ("I humbly receive")

    I love a fat slice (Fat Slice in Berkeley is my favorite pizza of all time) but chicago pizza feels too much like somebody serving you a KFC double down and going "what, it's traditional, it's how we eat burgers here, it's certainly not a 10-year-old's attempt at an original recipe that is just his favorite food stacked on top of itself". But I guess you'll get locked up and beaten in a windowless building downtown with no lawyer if you don't have some chicago style pizza while you're there

  • djwaxondjwaxon 406 Posts
    All sound good guys, thanks!!

  • djwaxondjwaxon 406 Posts
    Had deep dish from Lou Malnati’s - wasn’t as crazy as I expected, was nice though.

    We hit the tourist stuff hard, maybe too hard for a short break...architecture tour was probably my highlight (the guide was amazing), as well as the whole lakeside experience (weather was amazing).

    got to dusty groove for a quick look around, seemed good and got one of my wants there.

    great city, loads of nice people and interesting shit to do. Thanks for the info, Strutters.
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