Records that sold not because of the music

There is a trend going on in the sports card collecting community right now. There is a 90-91 NBA Hoops Mark Jackson card that cost maybe.....$0.50. It's not rare or short on print and as of yesterday these cards are selling north of $20.00. The reason why? Because there is a pic of the Menendez brothers sitting courtside in the background. Supposidley the pic was taken between the time they killed their parents until their arrest. 

Anyway, what records have sold that were not because of the quality of the music but based on something else?



  • DORDOR Two Ron Toe 9,808 Posts
    Dang, I got a bunch of boxes I just opened recently (That I haven't opened in about 20 years). I gotta check for that Jackson!

    As for the record question... A major portion of coloured vinyl? ha

  • JimsterJimster Twilight Zone/ Al Capone/ Rolling Stone/ Eva Perón 6,323 Posts
    Any MJ after "Thriller" 


  • ppadilhappadilha 1,982 Posts
    Andy Warhol was a pretty well established commercial illustrator in the 1950s, before he became a famous artist, and he did a bunch of record covers during that time. I don't think the people who pay top dollar for these records now care much about the music.


  • is anybody into Third Man records for the music? or even know anything about Third Man records' actual released music as opposed to their packaging and distribution gimmicks/Jack White?

  • nzshadownzshadow 5,515 Posts
    Dem taddiez.

  • JimsterJimster Twilight Zone/ Al Capone/ Rolling Stone/ Eva Perón 6,323 Posts
    I don't know about "Sold in big numbers because of..." but certainly, there are stuff that's "Collectible because of..." 

    Lyn Christopher because of the K.I.S.S. connection
    Artwork is a good one - Massive Attack for the Del Naja art, anything with Futura 2000 art

    Ah, just thought of some "Sold in big numbers" ones:
    Maxwell's "Somebody's Watching Me" 'cos of the MJ vocals.
    "Beat It" 'cos of Eddie Van Halen?   

    While we are tipping sacred cows...

    Sgt. Peppers, because of the cover?
    Beastie Boys because of the videos?

  • ElectrodeElectrode Los Angeles 2,722 Posts
    Classical music LPs and 50s-60s Mexican picture sleeve 7"s with Bettie Page on the cover. Beatles butcher cover. Five Keys' penis cover, Mom's Apple Pie and Palmer Rockey.

  • Wow,great question,it's much easier with pictures to spot something out of hand as with music you are attracted for the sound-artist voice or the backing group or instruments,the only thing that might get me is if it's the last song of someone's career just to have it in the collection.

  • nzshadownzshadow 5,515 Posts
    Dem taddiez.
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