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Heading over to Barcelona in the next few weeks,Just wondering if anyone had been and any must see sights or food, shopping, etc.Also any store recommendations, or record recs?I'm really looking to this trip! OHHHH YEAH SPAIN!peace.


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    he's a nice guy and from barcelona. i guess he can help:

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    calle tallers

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    I think this is my 2nd favorite Euro city after Berlin. I've never been somewhere where it's so easy to combine art museums, architecture appreciation, and binge drinking.

    Go up:
    Sagrada Familia Cathedral - especially if you are scared of heights
    Montjuic - check the Mies pavilion from the 1929 World Fair and the Picasso & Miro Museum up top.

    Go down: Las Ramblas, the main pedestrian bit. North end has the 2 Gaudi houses that are must sees. Walking south, the Gothic quarter is on the left side, has many shops, restaurants, museums. Roman quarter is on the right, much quieter and there are more hidden bars and cafes in shady plazas. Then at the end is the harbor I seem to remember, with a big statue of Colombus pointing the wrong way to America.

    There's another Picasso museum somewhere, and the Park Guell is pretty cool.

    Nightlife: streets are dead till after midnight, closing time is never. Even if a bar looks closed at say 5am, bang on the door and someone will open up and start serving you drinks. Madness.

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    Incredible city. Went there for Y2K etc. Go have dinner at a place called "Quatres Gatos" or something like that, shit is banging.

    I gotta go back.

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    Dude... awesome city. So much to see... definite cosign on any Gaudi architecture. One bar/club that I really enjoyed was called La Fira. Recommended to me by some locals I met at a tapas joint. It's got a circus theme and the bar stools are swings, which was pretty cool. They play all Spanish music and the bartenders dance on the tables. Everyone there is having the time of their lives.

    Have fun... I can't wait to go back!

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    What's up!

    Me and my girl will be there between 23rd and 30th. Would be cool to meet up, if you're there at the same time.

  • he's a nice guy and from barcelona. i guess he can help:

    el chavo hahah. UK heads know the deal

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    he's a nice guy and from barcelona. i guess he can help:

    el chavo hahah. UK heads know the deal

    na. not uk. german. came across his profile on myspace. "selectah" and "the heat" are fire!

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    Worth going to the big Flea market, lots of records, 45s by the pile, some good spanish pop, 60s stuff, & tons of other stuff, I picked up loads of 60s cinema handbills when was there, for nothing, amazing graphics, I love them.

    Also, La Paloma ballroom, worth a visit, beautiful club & some good nights.

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    One of my favorite citys.


    Barcelona is amazing.

    see you soon...

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    please to punch this guy if you should see him in the streets....


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    please to punch this guy if you should see him in the streets....


    Haha... my roommate's a big Arsenal fan too. Sorry, FCB got that shit on lock down now!

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    Hope ya´ll well! Will be in BCN from Sat 20 on for about a week. Havent been there for like 7 years, so any recommendations on some cool spots, restaurants, bars, clubs, el mejor iberico pata negra and of course worthwile record shops and info on contemporary fleas would be heartly appreciated.  

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    Duder is the dude.  My Fucking Restaurant, on his recco, was amazing.  Just sit at the bar and ask them to bring you some food.

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    Hit me up by PM if you’ve got any specific requests or want to meet for a beer.

    Not sure if My Fucking Restaurant is still open. Need to check it.

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    It appears that it is:

  • I was in Barcelona like two weeks ago! But for like 8 hours with family only, so didn't get to explore my way (aka hit record spots and food places only and walk 10 miles). It's damn hard walking by a record shop and resisting the urge to "just have a look". It did make me want to go back and properly scratch the surface sometime though. I'm getting over big cities as trip destinations, living in London does that to you, but Barcelona is an exception.

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    thanks for your recommendations so far, will definately try this my fucking restaurant, looks pretty nice & tasty 

    @Duderonomy was vaguely remembering you´re the man for bcn, thanks for your offer and yes would be cool to meet up if there´s a chance, drinks on me, will send pm now
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