Your Favorite-John[Duke]Wayne Movie

I was watching one of his flicks the other day,one thing about the Duke-when it came to horse opera's nobody did it better,my fav is[Rio Bravo] any[Duke]fans?


  • DuderonomyDuderonomy Haut de la Garenne 7,647 Posts
    True Grit by a mile; great script, and Wayne’s character is fallible. Everyone identifies with a screw-up.
    2nd place, maybe Teh Shootist for the sentimentality of it all.
    3rd, that one where he rescues a rich dude’s daughter from a bandit only to realise at the end that she escaped from her dad and loved the bandit. That’s a good one.

  • RhythmGJRhythmGJ Buffalo, NY 215 Posts
    True Grit, The Cowboys, El Dorado (same story as Rio Bravo and the other one, Rio Lobo? It's just the best version to me), and The Green Berets ("Get ees baygs, get ees things, and get eem outta here!").

    Special award goes to The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.


  • Yep,one of his best,Lee Marvin shoulda got the Oscar for that one.
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