Fake News


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    heh, people have showed me this video as proof that curtis made the song. if i recall correctly the comments used to activated and filled with confused people. the real fake news are the full album playlist with one or two other songs or intermissions on it to harvest plays. fuck those videos and the guys who made them.

  • RhythmGJRhythmGJ Buffalo, NY 215 Posts

    It it does sound like Curtis a bit. I could see people being confused. Why they would purposely do this though is beyond me. This one always drove me nuts too; same thing, kids telling me "See, it is Bob Marley!": 


  • a friend of mine in middle school told me adam sandler's "ode to my car" reggae parody was a bob marley song. this was more excusable then though as it was pre-everything being on the internet and he'd just heard it on the radio.

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  • ketanketan Warmly booming riffs 2,797 Posts

    on this whole concept, if only because beyond the ruse, it really creates an image of Curtis slaying that song.

  • hell yeah I would pay $$$ for a curtis cover of that song
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