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  • serch4beatzserch4beatz Switzerland 521 Posts
    Forgot about this great thread. Kim Dotcom may be a creep but his websites have brought me much

    How exactly is he a creep?

    Also: thanks for the steady heat!

  • kicks79kicks79 1,330 Posts
    He had a bunch of sexual harassment claims I believe. 

  • serch4beatzserch4beatz Switzerland 521 Posts
    kicks79 said:
    He had a bunch of sexual harassment claims I believe. 

    Hm not really no, i can't find anything on google and you know this shit would've been plastered all over the net

  • I just meant he's a creepy guy generally - nothing so specific. Just one of those billionaires that thinks it'd be fun to have his own political party, one of those billionaires who thinks buying mansion compounds in NZ is a chance to escape the shit they're wreaking on the rest of the world, etc. Maybe the first to do so!

    Also I believe his music might be doggshit although I'm not 100% on my memory of hearing it, but admittedly that doesn't make him a creep. He also was wronged by having NZ paramilitary police raid his house for god knows what back in the day.
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