Cameron Paul - Where is he now?

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This guy was killing it in the 80's


  • YESSSS!!!

    As a dj comin' up in the early '90s, this
    dudes mixes and edits were mandatory.
    God, they sound pretty cheezy now, but back in the day?

    That American-Soviets record still gets a good
    response down here.

  • Josh B and myself went to Randy Wongs house in the south bay about 6 years ago. He was partners with Cameron Paul and did a ton of mix's and production with him. He also ran a record pool and was Tommy Boys Bay rep (Which is why we were there). He had had some great stories about Cameron, and we bought about a 1000 twelves. Oliver Wang knows a lot about Cameron and could give you a pretty good insight into his whereabouts and that whole scene in general. Cameron was pretty much running shit in the 80"s bay area.

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    Yo Chris don't forget about Bobby G's Soul Disco record pool and mobile dj service as well. More 80's bay area steez.......... I remember every time I would be down there I would see the Bobby G Soul Disco van driving around. But yeah Cameron Paul was the truth and def running shit back in the day. Not just in the bay but period. I also, remember in the early 80's this huge record store that was inside what looked to be an old grocery store in the bay. I was very young and didn't know shit about records but I do recall buying a sealed copy of Headhunters with God Made Me Funky. I can only imagine what records were in that place?! Do you recall or know if this place?

  • Back in the late 80s/early 90s, my DJ friends would rave about Bobby G's and how he had the promo only jawns nobody else had. Of my understanding he was a legend.

    Back to Cameron Paul- even in Sacramento, his name was HUGE! Not sure if it went back to 93.5 KPOP, but he definitely was an impact on KSFM 102.5.

    Speaking of Bay Area Deejays- does anyone remember Wayne Rodriguez? I still have a mix tape from him (circa '83 or '84). For some reason, folks were saying he was legendary as well.

    Much respect to Cameron Paul for making a huge impact in the DJ game.

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    When are we gonna start posting Paul mixes?

  • ha, yeah the homie Teeko's uncle owned Tandem Record Co (now TRC) and he has that video on VHS at the house, it is so fresh. Cameron's trick fading with up and downs/crossfader on palms is still pretty futuristic.

  • So what, the dude was some wizard with the dee-jay'n as well?
    I had no idea.
    Down south, everything on Tandem was a no-brainer.
    I've played parties with nothing but Tandem, Macola and Sunnyview
    label joints. You can do that here.

    Who has stories of him dj-ing?


    He looks like some dude you would buy coke from
    in highschool in those videos.

  • major
    that record kills it. people flip out like they are blasting into space...i always dial it up a notch when i throw that on. also all the dudes too cool/scared to dance come slinking on over to see what made the ladies go haywire.

  • also all the dudes too cool/scared to dance come slinking on over to see what made the ladies go haywire.
    Funy, I was about to post how this record is a sureshot to get the ladies
    playing the wall to get that ass shaking.
    I would say this record does that more than almost any other record in the box.
    Shit came out in '87 or something?
    Truly next-level.

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    I interviewed Cameron Paul in 2002 or 03 for my research on the Bay Area mobile DJ scene. Paul wasn't a mobile dude but he inspired scores of teenagers to start DJing back when he was holding shit down at Studio West in the late 1970s and early '80s.

    Seriously, I met one guy who got his start DJing by sneaking into Studio West and just watching Paul for hours. He had a son a few years back and he named him - no joke - "Cameron Paul [surname]". Paul was that real to people in that community.

    But when I spoke to him, he was living in Omaha (or somewhere like that in the midwest) and working as a veterinary technician. I kid you not - I could hear animals in the background b/c I apparently was interviewing him at his office. What had happened was that at some point in the 1990s, he and KMEL had a massive falling out (I've heard rumors it was over payola or something like that) and KMEL ended up blacklisting Paul all over town. He couldn't do shit - no radio gigs, no club gigs, no distro for his records - his career was effectively bodied at that point. And so he eventually picked up, moved to the Midwest and pursued one of his other passions - working with animals. I had to admit, it was kind of surreal but then again, I could appreciate how deep that blacklist must have hurt his music career in the Bay. KMEL, at the time, just had crazy reach and if they were being vindictive (which it sounded like they were), it'd be a tough road for anyone.

    However, since then, I heard Paul has been planning a comeback, including restarting Mixx-It. I haven't spoken to him since our original interview though so I'm not sure what he's been up to the last five years in terms of making that happen. He still has a lot of fans though, that's for certain.

  • wow...Bobby G and Soul Disco.

    If there was a reason why I got into hip-hop and deejaying it was because of my brother always kicking it with that dude. We used to give that guy rides home BITD. He had the illest in-stores as well

    Actually we would hit Soul Disco then go to Streetlight up the block and dig for records.

    The last I heard he moved to Arizona. Most likely may have of passed on.

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    RIP Cameron Paul

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    A good dude, decided to work with shelter animals at the end of his life. RIP CP

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    He did some great mixes. Loved many of his Mixx-It edits, such as here from 6:50
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