Catching up with Soul Strut (NRR)...

Was K from Canada ever really vindicated? 


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    Not sure. I feel bad because a record I sold him got stolen by the post office, and he seemed to think I was welching on the sale. Around the same time he seemed to lose a few cans from his six pack.

    Where’s my motherfucking homebwoy LeToupt at?

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    I live soul strut nostalgia on a daily basis.  I currently comb old threads and make play lists, want lists, and write about the records here.  I'm extremely proud to still have access to 13 years of threads on here (2005-2018).  2 years of threads on my hard drive (2001-2003) and regretful, I did not back up 2004.  The thread subjects are still on Wayback Machine, but the posts themselves were never archived.

    That being said, I'm blown away by the knowledge every one shared and the sense of community. I'm proud that records like Stark Reality, East of Underground, and others were hyped here before they were ever reissued. After 2004, I missed a lot of threads, dedicating a lot of my time to fatherhood, building my father-in-laws startup, exida, and maintaining this site.  The activity was so intense, I couldn't keep up.  

    And then... the smoke cleared and I had a lot more time on my hands, but by that time, everyone was gone!  LOL.  I still wish this place would ramp up again, but that ship has sailed.  I miss the community.  Supporting DJs, producers, record dealers, etc.  It would be a lot more fun today as I have a lot more disposable income at 42!  Social media is not the same.  People are a lot more narcissistic and desensitized.  

    Regardless, I'm here for the long run.  There are millions of posts to explore and expand upon.

    Viva La Strut!

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    might be time to come back here for all of us given the way social media is going....

  • I've felt an increasing nagging feeling that the "old web" formats of forums, newsgroups, etc. remain the better option these days. The monetized web is a scary thing. Life is better when everything you do isn't a transaction (however invisible that transaction may be).

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    RAJ cashing us in to Zuck when the price is right    

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    nzshadow said:

    Last time I heard of him he was trying to build some kind of webshop and was digitizing his complete collection of Soulman tapes.
    Never heard from him again.

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    RIP Pap.

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    I'm ready to come back.
    DORklezmer electro-thug beatsRAJwaxjunky

  • Mr Bin, I started reading the soulstrut boards more regularly when I found out some radio DJs whose shows I couldn't miss were regular posters here - dollar bin, Matthew Africa (RIP) and others. I'm not sure there's an extant substitute for that kind of confluence of knowledge and talent.

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