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    Danno: It's outside of an old logging town called Falls City. I'm definitely looking to get back in the next few weeks, it's perfect for a day trip from Portland. Cool trails.

    Kool pic from a morning last week. Heading to the local trails: 

    Winter's apparently coming, but we're already to November without a storm. Leaves have all changed colors but no wind or rain to knock them down, it's kinda crazy. 

    So gorgeous! I'd love to ride those trails.

    This is one of my local trails. Part of 70km singletrack network accessed from a trailhead 7 minutes from my apartment and 25 minutes from the heart of Toronto's financial core.


  • dukeofdelridgedukeofdelridge urgent.monkey.mice 2,451 Posts
    Can you ride all year round in Toronto? Like, not fat biking on snow but still on dirt? 

  • dukeofdelridgedukeofdelridge urgent.monkey.mice 2,451 Posts
    There's nothing like rolling back into the city covered in mud. I love it. Grabbing a post-ride beer or burger with dirt on your face, surrounded by adults in street clothes talmbout real estate or whatever. 

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    Here's my latest project. A 1987 GT Pro Performer. Everything is original. My friend bought in new in 1987 and has had it in his garage for years. He decided he was never going to do anything with it and gave it to me. Some of the stickers have dings in them. I may end up replacing the stickers but there's something to be said for being all original even if it doesn't look as clean. For now I'm going to completely disassemble everything, clean the surface rust off the frame, and then reassemble everything with fresh grease.

  • dukeofdelridgedukeofdelridge urgent.monkey.mice 2,451 Posts
    That is a crazy bicycle!

  • billbradleybillbradley You want BBQ sauce? Get the fuck out of my house. 2,877 Posts
    That is a crazy bicycle!

    I can't wait to start doing some old school freestyle tricks on it. My GT Pro is setup for racing and doesn't have the rotor/gyro front so tailwhips and other tricks where the handlebars have to go 360 aren't possible.

  • dukeofdelridgedukeofdelridge urgent.monkey.mice 2,451 Posts
    Sold my trail bike and my DH bike when COVID hit. Bought an eMTB and became lone wolf ebike warrior, accessing far-away and unused trails with the power of electrons. Ended up doing some unbelievable rides, single greatest bike development since bikes themselves. 

    Kids are roasting it on their bikes. 

    Bikes still great!

    Off IG but had to return to Strut to read about the Biz. 


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    Missed you on IG.  Good to see you back.

    I am still biking.  I was diagnosed with heart disease this year (no symptoms, just got checked when my dad passed with the same diagnosis) and they said I should have had a heart attack by now but the veins have kinda done their own bypass.  I put all that down to biking.  Kids watch your cholesterol, liver health is key.  Doesn't matter how much exercise you do, you can't get rid of bad cholesterol.

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