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(Asking for my dad!)

Are there any good strategy games for the XBox? Seen some reasonably favorable reviews for Halo Wars 2(?), he used to love PC titles like Dune, og Warcraft, but consoles don't seem to run these kind of games - maybe now they're powerful enough/have the required memory.

Or, as he was a massive Zelda fan BITD, should I just advise him to buy the new Switch with Zelda?


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    I think there's a new XCOM for the XBox. I haven't played it, but the OG was

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    Download twitch and check everything out. No joke, they're playing Zelda on there today and it looks great. Video games are insane now, I'll check them out once a month or so. It's a trip. 

  • here's my favorite computer game

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    strategy games is a pc thing mostly, afaik.
    Found a list of strategy games for xbox:

  • Yeah I think top-down view strategy games don't come to consoles much just cause they're much easier with a mouse and keyboard. There are some good ones out, so I hear, but definitely the selection is on PC. You don't need top-line hardware to run those types of games.

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    I couple years ago I had a weird nostalgic urge to finish some 16-bit era rpg games for the Sega Genesis, then with a google search I found the game I wanted on Steam for like four dollars and after installing steam I was playing for hours at a time.

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    I will have to check the steam offerings, I am old skool and would probably want to be on the Williams arcade classics like Robotron or Atari steez like Xevious. I know there is a Robotron reboot on Steam called Mutant Storm, it's the same gameplay but with modern graphics. I used to have it years back on PC and it's some intense shooting shit.

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    But what controller to use for shooters on a PC? Need the two thumbsticks deffo. Real headz let a mug know. Xbox controller work on w10 PC?

  • Surely, Xbox controllers always have worked with windows (what with both being MS). Generic USB playstation-style twin stick gamepads are usually cheaper though.

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    I bought a Raspberry Pi last year. Set it up as a retro gaming emulator. Took about an hour and a half until I was playing joust n dem. Do that too. Pretty sure it'll do dreamcast games. I have a snes controller and an Xbox controller for it. 

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    So now I have mame going.
    Alladem ROMZ, thun.
    Xbox controller from #1 son hooked up.
    Q*Bert and dem a pass tru.
    But the controller is a bit hyper.  Need something a bit more delicate. 
    T3h quest continues...

  • I set up a dreamcast emu for windows once when I bothered to dual boot my macbook. Jet Grind Radio cel shading in full HD, running perfectly. Money
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