What would Diplo Do? (Acknowledge his strut past?)


Hey Diplo! I haven't forgotten the Leon Thomas LP you owe me.  Just sayin...


  • I just remember tripledouble (I think) talking about doing a "fight club" in the parking lot after a night he and Diplo dj'ed, punching each other... shit was one of the funniest things I've read. Like wes got banned from the club "until he was famous". oh weird I have it saved in one of my text documents of random shit:

    yo that shit was a ridiculous night. we had this ongoing fight club thing going at the weekly night we'd spin at a bar. wes and i were punching each other in the face in the parking lot, no one else around. shit was retarded. then all of a sudden theres this homeless guy with a shopping cart asking us if we're all right. "yeah, were friends". "well. friends do that sometimes. can i get a dollar?" wes gives him a bill with blood all over it. then we drive to the end of whitelily's night at silkcity, and end up getting in a fight with the bartenders and "bouncers". wes lost a shoe, got bit on the foot and got banned from the club until he was famous. i lost my cell phone and broke the bartenders ribs when he rushed me when i was on the ground and i donkey kicked him. i didnt know him but we had friends in common who were mad at me for a year. that was pretty much the end of the unofficial fight club 


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    This documentary embodies the Strut-era Diplo well:

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    Love the organization of his record collection lol!
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