november finds

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what are you buying of late?  

edit: to clarify, the Trey Lorenz has the Masters At Work mixes on it, and the bootleg 12" has the Lost Boys rapping over that Sweet G with the Run DMC/Kid Capri mix of Camp Lo's Black Nostaljack on the flip.


  • strataspherestratasphere Blastin' the Nasty 1,035 Posts
    I miss these, found some nice records over the past few weeks but nothing mind blowing.

  • Big_StacksBig_Stacks "I don't worry about hittin' power, cause I don't give 'em nuttin' to hit." 4,670 Posts

    I made a nice haul from Dusty Grooves during my visit to Chi-Town last week.  I will post the highlights when I receive my shipment.


    Big Stacks from Kakalak

  • ElectrodeElectrode Los Angeles 3,087 Posts

    Not pictured: (Leon's) Creation S/T and a couple of Raekwon CDs
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