45 sent from UK 2 weeks ago but not here (usa) yet, should I worry?

Well should I?


  • Another 45 from Finland has been on the way for 2 weeks but I should expect that I guess?  Unregistered. 

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    I'm waiting for records from the UK to Germany now for over two weeks as well. Also unregistered, I'm worried. Your record doesn't happen to be from Russel (Super Disco Edits), does it?

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    After 30 days, let the seller know and allow another week or so. 

    2-3 weeks is average time, but 4-6 weeks is not unheard of.

  • Anybody ever have issues with stuff coming outta philly? My buddy mailed me a few 45s back in the summer, there was tracking, and it literally just said it had been accepted and didn't update for 3.5 weeks. Then all of a sudden it just showed up. I was sure I was out the records, and it sucked, it included the exits and the ordells, but thankfully it worked out. Now I have a package coming outta Philly that has been the same way for over a week. It's pretty annoying, wondering if anybody else has dealt with a similar issue. I've had records coming in the mail pretty regularly all year and it seems to have been pretty slow the last month or so IMO.

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    Two weeks is standard. Its usally 14 buisness days so just over three weeks in total.
    If its the four week mark then start worrying ha ha
    I had a LP I bought from Hawaii get sent to the mainland USA by boat (two weeks). Then it sat in an ebay sorting facility (two weeks) then air mailed to Australia (two weeks). My first and last experience with Ebay Shipping. (Avoid at all costs)

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