South Korea WTF???? (8 Goddesses-R)

ok, so the strut is a well-travelled and cultured bunch. Can someone please explain this whole South Korea's president was being controlled by a cult called The 8 Goddesses thing?

I mean, on the one hand Trump's campaign and now this gives me some comfort in knowing Brazil isn't the only country that is majorly fucked up at the moment, but on the other hand


  • DuderonomyDuderonomy Haut de la Garenne 7,726 Posts
    That is some crazy shit. It's all so pathetic I feel sorry for the President. Kind of. Sounds like she was brainwashed from a young age and has been emotionally/mentally abused. But how the fuck did she then become president?

    South Korea don't have nukes, do they?

  • OkemOkem 4,617 Posts
    It's a crazy situation, S Korea is definitely the most cyberpunk country going right now. Electing the daughter of their previous dictator gave me the impression that they haven't really moved past their dictatorship days. There seems to be a certain amount of acceptance that their country was ruled by chaebols and corporations, but this is some next level shit. They also believe that leaving a fan on overnight will cause death, because their government told them so, so they don't seem to be the most questioning sorts. There have been protests but they don't seem all that big Tried checking out Korean tv to see how they're reporting it, but their international news channel is in Korean only with no subtitles.

  • ppadilhappadilha 2,209 Posts
    It makes me think Oldboy was probably based on a true story too.

    You know a scandal is good when people start to think a ferry sinking into the sea was part of a human sacrifice ceremony.

  • foefoe turo de la peira 196 Posts
    i've been getting into some korean novels and manhuas the last few years and  there seems to be a general undertone going through all of them that the elites can and will step on the poorer people because status and the only way to climb socially is by going to the correct schools. they seem to be prepared for these things.

  • trzakhstantrzakhstan IA 198 Posts
    And I thought Korean soap operas were the most dramatic thing about Korea.

  • DuderonomyDuderonomy Haut de la Garenne 7,726 Posts
    The only let down to this is no goddesses. I was ready to do some hardcore objectifying.

  • DJ_EnkiDJ_Enki 6,471 Posts
    To steal a quote from Stephen Colbert, this story is the craziest fucking thing I've ever heard.
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